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CASAA Board of Directors and Officers

Board of Directors

JulieHeadshot Julie Woessner, President of the Board and Executive Director, graduated from Duke University School of Law in 1986.  Ms. Woessner, a retired lawyer, has been involved in tobacco harm reduction advocacy since early 2009 and has been an active member of CASAA since its inception. She was appointed to serve on CASAA’s Board of Directors in 2012 and was elected to serve as its Legislative Director in 2013, and as President of the Board and Executive Director in 2014.
BruceAsNurse Bruce Nye, RN, Vice-President of the Board, made the switch to electronic cigarettes in 2012, immediately ending a 43-year smoking habit he had failed numerous times by all other means to stop. He retired from a 25+ year career in computer science to become an award-winning trauma/surgical nurse at a Level I Trauma Center in the Midwest. He joined CASAA as a member within months switching to vapor products became an active and passionate advocate for THR. Elected to the Board of Directors in 2015, Bruce brings to CASAA the ability to strategize and craft communications in the legislative, regulatory, and public arenas. and manage CASAA’s technology assets.
e04cee518fd9f34663fb330206d8dfd9 Karen Carey, Secretary and Treasurer, is a professional accountant.  She has worked as Senior Accounting Specialist for a college in New England since 2001.  Ms. Carey was appointed to serve on CASAA’s Board of Directors in 2011, at which time she was elected as CASAA’s Treasurer. She organizes and maintains CASAA’s financial information, including preparing monthly financials and oversight of tax and corporate filings.
Carter-Headshot-Color Dr. Brian Carter, Director of Scientific Communications, graduated from Purdue University in 1999 with a PhD in clinical psychology.  Elected to the Board of Directors in 2015, Dr. Carter has a scientific background in nicotine and tobacco research.  As a former faculty member in the Department of Behavioral Science at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, he conducted multiple National Cancer Institute funded laboratory studies on the emotional, genetic, physiological, and behavioral aspects of nicotine use in cigarette smokers. He prepares science-based materials on smoke-free alternatives for CASAA members and the public at large; he also represents CASAA at national and international conferences on tobacco harm reduction.
16c96c51a1cfa690fc788dde1c6efccb_wosp Michael Cozzi, Board Member, is a tobacco harm reduction advocate and former nonprofit executive. His presence in the e-cigarette enthusiast community has been a constant for over two years through inspecting and critiquing e-cigarette products from a consumer standpoint. Mr. Cozzi was appointed to serve on CASAA’s Board of Directors in 2013, and he brings a significant knowledge of the e-cigarette industry and nonprofits to CASAA.
69cd14cba712df23d9f223cb4bb690bf_i2hl Jan Johnson, Board Member, has been an activist, advocate, and consumer of smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes since 2009 and was appointed to serve on CASAA’s Board of Directors in 2014. As a board member, she brings her unique perspective as an advocate and activist to the CASAA corporate structure. As an activist, she has worked in grass roots movements to effect positive change related to freedom and personal responsibility. She is perhaps the most encyclopedic chronicler of news on Tobacco Harm Reduction topics and produces CASAA’s weekly podcast.
627d1342c4a9adcedf5cf09e463a41f7_toli_0uj7 Elaine Keller, Board Member, is retired from Battelle Memorial Institute where she served as a requirements analyst and technical writer. Prior to that, she worked in the field of instructional design and training development for over 20 years. She is a founding director, elected by popular vote in 2009 to serve on the original Board of Directors. Elaine served as CASAA president from 2011 – 2014. She has developed presentations and testified at numerous FDA public hearings and as well as creating promotional and educational materials for CASAA.
bfc820830294b5cc925a88aac66f3a60 Ron Ward, Board Member, is a practicing attorney in the State of Maryland and in 2013, he started a brick-and-mortar electronic cigarette company. He was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2010 and played a seminal role in CASAA’s formation as a not-for-profit corporation.  Mr. Ward is active in CASAA’s legislative efforts.


7fa8f96715ca0a816b36e57dda8b2549_rcyq Alex Clark, Legislative Coordinator, comes from a background in customer service and logistics.  Shortly after discovering the value of Tobacco Harm Reduction, he began volunteering his time for CASAA and was appointed to serve on CASAA’s Board of Directors in 2014, and later that same year was elected as CASAA’s Legislative Director.  Mr. Clark stepped down from the Board of Directors in January 2016 in order to accept a position as CASAA’s Legislative Coordinator, a salaried position. Mr. Clark is responsible for spearheading CASAA’s legislative advocacy efforts.
KristinHeadshot Kristin Noll-Marsh, Chapter Coordinator, is currently a stay-at-home mother and an active volunteer. Before leaving the workforce in 2009, she was a successful real estate expert for 12 years. Mrs. Noll-Marsh was elected to the founding CASAA Board of Directors in the fall of 2009 and served as Vice President from 2011-2016. She contributes her design, writing, computer and social skills to benefit tobacco harm reduction advocacy and awareness by creating many articles, public service announcements, social media campaigns and online media sources for CASAA.
11008852_10204116334372773_1656726126_n Laurel O’Neill, Products Coordinator, is a small business owner and landlord who lives in Southwest Florida. She has been an active and invaluable member since CASAA was formed. She manages the CASAA web store and helps CASAA with its social media efforts and information gathering.

In Memoriam

637f970fbdfb84255b303b7e4bf0d06d_mf6k_5t48 Drew Gliem was an original founding member, voted onto CASAA’s Board of Directors by popular vote in 2009. Drew passed away in August 2014.  As the owner/operator of a successful and reputable electronic cigarette company in New Jersey, he provided a unique and knowledgeable insight to the Board from an industry viewpoint. He helped make CASAA what it is today, and he served us well, providing wise and honest counsel for nearly 5 years. We feel his loss keenly, not only as a valued Board Member, but as a dear friend.