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NY – Oppose Gov. Cuomo’s 40c/ml tax on vaping!

A.3009 (part FF) would, among other things, impose a crushing 40c/ml tax on vapor products as part of the state’s budget. The vapor tax provision of this bill would also enact stiff penalties for anyone caught trying to avoid paying the tax.

This is not the only threat to vaping in New York but, it could be the most damaging.

Please help us defeat this tax by contacting your assembly member and members of the Ways and Means committee.

Take Action – Send a Message

Be sure to follow up with a phone call.

You can find your assemblymember’s phone number here.

  1. Urge them to oppose Part FF in A.3009
  2. Tell them that a 40c/ml tax on vapor products would deny thousands in New York access to life-saving vapor products.
    1. A 40% wholesale tax in Pennsylvania has closed over 100 businesses and will fall short of raising the projected revenue.
  3. Tell your story.


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