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I am an outdoorsman, I hunt, fish, and backpack, I have smoked cigarettes since the age of 13 and am now 50 years old. I am also a veteran of the US Army, I even smoked during my term of service to this great nation. I picked up vaping about 2 years ago, I started with the mystic cigarette type of vapor with menthol flavoring, and graduated to the Itaste with a protank, but all of this is just about me, let me fill you in on some things the I feel are left out of the discussion.
(1) Outdoors – as an outdoorsman we all know how important it is to keep up your health. I can tell you from personal experience that if you smoke tobacco products and you try to backpack the mountainous regions of this country, you will be in pain, not only in your legs and feet and back, but the pain in your lungs will be unbarable, when your backpacking and hunting at elevations above 7000 ft, your lungs will strain at extremes to keep oxygen flowing to your body, you will become light headed and have a very difficult time trying to keep your breathe. I know this to be true, because it has happened to me. I have children that hunt also, and to keep up with them having to stop every 15 minutes because I can't breathe can get very discouraging to them to have me hunt with them. The funny thing about this (its really not funny, but true), is that all the time I could not breathe and sitting there trying to catch my breathe, all I could think about was….having that cigarette. thinking this was going to solve my breathing problem… Don't believe me?? go try it for your self.
(2) Kids and Grandkids – do you have either kids or grandkids? I do.. have your young kids or grandkids ever told you that you smell funny, do you smoke in your home? do you smoke in your home with your kids or grandkids in the home? I used to do the same thing, do you smoke in your car with your kids or grandkids in your car? I used to do the same thing.. do you know the harmful effect of second hand smoke on others around you? if not.. you need to do some research. ask any non-smoker what the smell of cigarettes is like, they can smell you coming, in my experience in the first year I started vaping, after a few months I could smell smokers at my door before I even let them into my house. and quite frankly the smell now makes me want to puke. Do you feel embarrassed when your grandkids tell you that you stink like a wet ashtray? I know I did… when your grandkids come to visit… do you like it when they want to come sit on your lap, its a very special feeling isn't it. well I can tell you from experience that as they get older they will shy away as they figure out your stench is related to your smoking. I have have asked all of my kids this question… If I smoked in my house would you still bring the grandkids to see me? their answer was alarming to me… as the answer they gave was … I think it would be hard dad, as much as we love you and the grandkids love you , we don't want them around the cigarettes.
(3) Health – ok so we all know about the cancer causing effects of smoking, and the mass amounts of harmful chemicals that are in tobacco products but here are some of the other effects of smoking that you don't hear enough about… your teeth, smoking over time will turn them yellow to the point there is no help for whitening them. effecting your smile and how attractive you are to others.
I know these are small points to be made in the grand scheme of thing, but I think these points are the most important if you love your family and want to have them in your life as much as possible.
(4) Other alternative smokeless products – there are many of these on the market, The FDA is trying to ban vaping because of the nicotine and such. let talk about these products for a moment, you have nicotine patches, these product induce nicotine directly into the skin, which as we all know nicotine is a poison, and even if you make your own e-juice you where glove to avoid getting it on your skin, so why are the nic patches better then vaping? Nicotine gum, now heres a concept, lets put nicotine directly into our mouths and chew on it,,, this is acceptable where as vaping is not?? I have a hard time understand this theory. oh, yea, popcorn lung… hmmm, diacityl, yea, I know, you think vaping causes popcorn lung, well news flash, you know that micro wave popcorn yo buy in the stores? well, that contains diacityl also, and will cause popcorn lung if you breathe the vapors as it is opened when you pull it from the microwave.

last year, I have lost , had stolen , or broken several e-cigs (i.e vapes) and had a hard time financially, I could not afford to put out the money so many times to keep buying my vapes, so I turned back to cigarettes, this was the worst hunting season I have had in many years, I could not keep up with my sons, and just was not physically fit enough to do the task of walking the hills in search of our yearly harvest of game animals. all I wanted to do was sit at camp and smoke my tobacco products, it is my believe that the tobacco products had made me "lazy". I have found, when I am not on tobacco products I have more energy, I am in a better mood, and just all around feel better about my self.

In closing, let me just get this straight, the FDA wants to ban vaping, and keep us on products they know with out a doubt will kill us over time?? They have proven time and time again how many chemicals that are harmfull to us are in this tobacco products but insist that vaping is worse. hmm, I think maybe somebody likes the kickbacks from the big tobacco companies. I am proud to say that I have found that I have friends I didn't know I had when a co-worker gave me a sigelei mini with several tanks and a ton of e-juice just to keep me off the tobacco products. I still cant think this person enough. In my opinion this person just saved my life again.

this is why I firmly stand behind and believe in vaping.
doug parrish

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