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"Harm Reduction sits at the intersection between public health and human rights"

No Fire, No Smoke: Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction

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"We found that the sharp increase in e-cigarette use across many groups can explain as much as 70 percent of the accelerating decline in smoking rates."
"To the surprise of all including myself I quit smoking after 42 years with the help of my ecigs..."
Debora Johnson
"I am a Vietnam Veteran who has had a Cigarette addiction for over 50 years... I am reporting to you that I am now 3 months cigarette free and was able to work my nicotine level down to zero and will soon be giving up vaping as well, I was most grateful to have been able to quit after all these years..."
Roger Price
"...My girlfriend bought her vaporizer a few days after me and we are proud to say we are smoke free and do not plan on going back to smoking cigarettes ever again..."
Brandon Michael Stedman
"I found myself using the vaporizer even on my trips outside among all the smokers. By the time I came home, I had little desire for cigarettes anymore, and had grown to quite dislike the taste of them. I’ve only been home from that seminar for three days and in that time I’ve smoked two cigarettes. Two! Out of the 40-50 I would have normally smoked by now..."
Hollie Jaranowski
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we have over 12,000 real stories from real people

For years you've heard other people telling you our stories of smoking and vaping – not us.

We're setting the record straight and elevating our own stories. Hear directly from people who've used vapor products to quit or reduce smoking, and even add your own testimonial!


facts & myths

About Smoke Free Alternatives and Reduced-Harm Products

popcorn lung

You may have heard people say vaping can cause a serious illness called Popcorn Lung. This is a myth.


In 2019 there was an outbreak of lung injuries attributed to “vaping” in general. This is a myth.

gateway theory

Some people claim that vaping leads to increases in smoking, particularly in youth. This is a myth.

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