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Real People. Real Stories.

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) is collecting successful vape stories and testimonials from smokers who used smoke-free alternatives to quit or reduce their smoking. The testimonials are posted publicly on our website for everyone to see, and may be sent to lawmakers to fight anti-vaping legislation.

This public collection of successful vape stories is a powerful response to those who want to restrict access to e-cigarettes and other smoke-free products. Our goal is to present a large collection of compelling individual reports that will make it impossible for anyone to claim that substitution of low-risk alternatives (e-cigarettes, snus, and other smoke-free tobacco/nicotine products) is not a proven method for quitting smoking.

You are free to write your own story and include or exclude any details as you like. However, if you would like a few suggestions, below is a list of questions to consider:

  • How long did you smoke?
  • How long ago did you start using a smoke-free alternative?
  • Exactly what type of smoke-free products do you use (please do not include company/brand names), and has this changed over time?
  • Do you still smoke, and if so how much have you cut down?
  • Did you both smoke and use the smoke-free product for a time before quitting smoking entirely (if so, how long?), or did you switch immediately? Did you stop tobacco/nicotine entirely for a while and then start using a low-risk alternative?
  • What methods (NRT, Chantix, counseling, etc.) did you use to try to quit smoking before switching to a smoke-free alternative? How long were you able to go without smoking using these other methods before starting again?
  • What changes in the quality of your life (both positive and negative) have you noticed since adopting the smoke-free alternative?

You may prefer to write your story in a word processor and paste it here. You need to enter your entire story at once – you cannot start it and come back. There is no maximum length. Please remember that by submitting this, you are agreeing to have it posted online.

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# Name Testimonial Experience Date
Hi, my Story is simple.. Smoked for 34 years - friend introduced me to Ego-C electronic cigarette. I quit smoking Dec 14, 2013... My breathing has improved, my energy has surged, my clothes don't stink, my teeth are getting whiter, food tastes better, house smells better, not rushed I. Restaurants to get out to smoke, health in several ways has improved ... Most of all used to get bronchitis every 3 months... Have not had that since I quit!!! Thank you ECig for helping me improve my total life!


Linda Barker
I had smoked for 41 years and was up to 2- 2 1/2 packs of cigarettes a day. I had no desire to quit....I'd planned to die a smoker and it didn't seem to matter how high the price of cigarettes went. But, I started coughing and wheezing...alot. I decided I needed to find a way to cut down on the amount of cigarettes I smoked. I ordered my first kit from the UK and it was pretty nasty....the liquid in the cartridges was pretty bad. In the process of "getting used to it", I put my cigarettes down the first day and just used the e-cig. I figured once I was used to it I could switch back and forth between the e-cig and cigarettes. After about 3 days I decided I was used to the e-cig so could have a real cig. My husband walked thru the house with a lit cig and that was it for way was I going to smoke something that smelled so bad. I got my first e-cig 4 years ago and haven't so much as taken a drag off a real cig since the first day. I quit wheezing and coughing after about 3 weeks. Are e-cigs better for my health than smoking?....damn right they are!


Claudia Linse, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
I started smoking when I was 14 and had smoked for 39 years. I enjoyed smoking and didn't really want to quit. I smoked about 3/4 to one pack a day but only smoked about the first half of the cigarette. I never re-lit a cigarette to smoke the rest of it because it tasted awful. So, it was costing me quite a bit of money. Then there was the stigma. I hated feeling self conscious around non-smokers but knew that I probably smelled like an ashtray to them. (I also was cutting out a large portion of my possible dating pool.) Additionally, for the past few years I was getting a severe case of bronchitis two or three times a year. So, last August (2012) a friend told me he was getting an eGo starter kit and I went ahead and ordered one too. The day after it arrived (August 28, 2012, my first vape mail), my sister-in-law, who had been vaping for a while, gave me some menthol juice with some sweetener. I have not had a cigarette since that day. I don't feel like I quit smoking. Wait, I take that back. I don't feel like I gave anything up. (That's more accurate.) I now regularly vape a sweetened peppermint mixture. I've moved from 18 mg. to 12 mg. and will continue to slowly step down the nicotine level until I reach zero. I love vaping. I love the taste. I love that I don't have to have more than one or two hits at a time. I love that I haven't had a "NICOTINE! NOW!" panic attack since I started vaping. I love that I've met a group of vapers through Facebook and local "vaping meets" who are friendly and willing to answer any questions I have. I love that I'm not spending $100 a month on cigarettes. I love that I can vape in my home. I love that I didn't have to crack a window in the car all winter. I love that if I do date again, he can be a non-smoker and I won't have to feel constantly self conscious about the way I smell. I love that I haven't had bronchitis in almost a year. I love that my mom is happy that I no longer smoke. Actually, I can't think of one down side to vaping other than the constant spectre of big tobacco and the fear that their influence will, eventually, take away my ability to continue to happily vape away.


Amanda Dunn from Knoxville, TN
My name is Amanda Dunn and I am a 32 year old mother of 4. I started smoking cigarettes around age 14. A few years later I became what I would consider a true smoker. Meaning that I was addicted to the nicotine and always made sure that I had a steady supply of cigarettes available. In the beginning my cigarette of choice was Marlboro Reds. By the time I was of age and able to buy my own cigarettes I was smoking about a pack a day of Marlboro Lights. I smoked throughout my first two pregnancies. In 2004 I switched to Marlboro Light Menthol cigarettes. Prior to finding out that I was carrying twins with my third pregnancy, I had never even attempted to stop smoking. Considering the high risk nature of that pregnancy I stopped smoking cold turkey. Every single day was a struggle not to buy a pack but the motivation of 2 healthy babies got me through. I was back to smoking before the twins were 3 months old. I slowly increased the amount I was smoking once I became a stay at home mom. I reached my peak and stayed pretty consistent at a pack and a half a day. My sister told me about “vaping” in January of 2013. I immediately dismissed the idea because I had no interest in quitting smoking. A couple of weeks later I decided that it was worth looking into just for the sake of the money that I could save. At this point, I was spending $200 a month on cigarettes and also tired of freezing my tail off smoking outside (I had smoked outside since 2002). I spent 2 days doing research and talking to my sister who had already started vaping. I was so overwhelmed with information that I decided it would be best to visit a local shop and talk to them. I walked into Mike’s Electronic Cigarettes on February 4th and walked out with my first “eGo starter kit” and some 12 mg nicotine juice. On the way home I smoked half of a cigarette, threw the rest out the window and have not smoked a cigarette since. I upgraded fairly quickly to longer lasting batteries and I am not at a point where I feel that my equipment can keep up with me. I have also moved down to 9 mg juice since my favorite manufacturer does not make 12 mg. My children have even said how I smell better and not like cigarettes. My asthma is more controlled and I have noticed that seasonal allergy infections are not escalating into bronchitis like they always did before. Since I stopped smoking I can probably count less than a handful of times when I have felt that I “needed” a cigarette. The feeling passed pretty quickly on those occasions. During my exploration into vaping my husband became curious as well. He stopped smoking over 10 years ago and has been dipping on and off since then. He is now a “vaper” as well and no longer dipping. In addition to the obvious benefits of not smoking, “vaping” has also introduced me to a community of some of the nicest people that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. It has allowed me to interact with others outside of my own home and improved my mental health by doing so. As much as I love the availability of support and knowledge from Smoky Mountain Vapers, I strongly feel that I can remain not smoking even without the support. “Vaping” truly does make it that easy. I understand completely that the healthiest solution is to not have nicotine in my body at all and maybe sometime down the road I will have the courage to attempt that. But it will not be anytime soon. In the meantime, I provide my body with the nicotine that it is accustom to, but without all of the countless carcinogens, tar and other chemicals that cause so much harm to our health.


E-cigarettes have saved my life. I smoked at least two packs of non filter cigarettes everyday for 36 years, from the age of 16 to the age of 52. I tried to quit using various methods including cold turkey, nicotine patches, nicotine gum, nicotine inhalers and even hypnotism. Nothing worked until I tried e-cigarettes last October. I have stayed away from regular cigarettes for eight months now, with no withdrawal symptoms. I no longer have the phlegm and lung congestion that had developed over the years. My smokers cough is gone completely. I can run and exercise without getting out of breath. I can smell a smoker from twenty feet away now, and it stinks. I'm ashamed to have subjected family, friends and strangers to that smell for so many years. I have gone from the highest 24mg nicotine level that is available from e-cig liquid manufacturers, and stepping down to 18mg, then 11mg, and now to the lowest 6mg. My next step is the 0 nicotine content vapor, and then to quit completely. I use the1000mah Ego Twist type batteries with the refillable cartomizers, tanks or clearomizers. I use liquid/smoke juice from various U.S. high quality suppliers.


Tabitha Jackson from Leland, NC
I am a 38 year old single mother of 3. I first tried smoking when I was 13-14 years old, because I thought it was cool. I started smoking somewhat regularly at the age of 15 and by the time I was 18 I was a pack to a pack and a half a day smoker. I smoked during my pregnancy with my son, and with my daughters I managed to quit for about 2-3 months of each pregnancy. But I couldn't deal with the daily stresses of life...a bad marriage, 3 kids 5 and under. By the time I was 26 I had a 2 pack a day habit..sometimes even more. My children learned the dangers of smoking in school programs and begged me to quit but I was never emotionally ready to do so. Smoking was my crutch. I started smoking outside about 4-5 years ago and this significantly dropped the amount of cigarettes I was smoking during the week, but if I went out with friends I would easily consume a pack in an evening. I decided earlier this year that enough was enough. I was huffing and puffing when I tried to run, my blood pressure stayed high to the point that I nearly had to go to the E.R. for it on several occasions. I ordered my first E-Cig on March 5th, 2013. Received it in the mail on March 8th, 2013, and gave away the half pack of cigarettes I had left. I have exclusively "Vaped" since then. I have had an odd craving here and there, I've actually lit up a cigarette once, only to discover that the taste was disgusting and put it out after a puff or two. I feel better, I smell better, my under-eye circles are disappearing, my children love that this has helped me to quit smoking "stinkies". In the past I tried the gums, the patches, even cold turkey. None of these methods worked for more than a few weeks. The E-Cig has been the ONLY thing that has helped curb the cravings without any nasty side effects. I love that I no longer smell like a walking ashtray and that in the future years to come I will be able to run and play with my grandchildren without being winded. I have several friends as well who have either significantly cut down on regular cigarettes due to the E-Cig or have quit altogether as I have done. I currently use an eGo battery with a Vivi Nova tank as my setup, and my e-liquid is around 18mg in strength. I for see this nicotine strength becoming lower in the very near future. I feel so much healthier and with the money I don't spend on cigarettes I can spend extra on my children. It feels amazing to finally be able when someone asks me for a cigarette or a lighter, "Sorry, I don't smoke"!!!


Jeffrey Gallup (Jagellpuff) from Tacoma, WA
September 12th 2011 was a big day in my life, that was my first day of not smoking, and the day that I became a vaper. I started experimenting with smoking around the age of 9 or 10 when i would steal cigarette butts out of my Dad's ashtrays and go in the woods to smoke. At the age of 15 I began to carry a pack and continued to do so for 25 years. Over the course of my 25 years smoking I tried to quit, cold turkey, the patch, gum and pills. The longest I made it was 6 months via cold turkey, and then one day I felt I deserved a "treat" for doing so well and bought me a single cigarette. That ended that quitting streak, within days I bought a pack. In August of 2011 I began to look into eCigs. I eventually bought a disposable and tried it, and realized there was something to this. Then on Sept 12th, 2011 I found a vape shop in my town and went in to learn more. I walked out that day with an eCig kit in my hand and a new life smoke free. After a few weeks of watching me vape and not smoke, my girlfriend had me take her to that shop, I bought her a kit and she too became smoke free. As of today May 23rd, 2013 we have not had a cigarette since and NO desire to ever light up again. We both started with a standard 808 pen style eCig. Eventually we switched to EGO style eCig, but my curiosity with vaping grew and I discovered mods and rebuildables. For me and like many others vaping has become a hobby. Why did vaping work for us to quit smoking versus the other options out there? Simply put, vaping has given me what I enjoy about smoking without smoking. The act of smoking, now vaping, I find to be relaxing. Non-smokers only feel that we are addicted to nicotine and that is why we smoke, and it couldn't be further from the truth. As that may play a part of it, the act of smoking is a main reason why i did it. As odd as it may be, I just enjoyed it. The differences I have seen in my life since quitting have been incredible. I breath better, do not get winded walking up stairs, find that I have more energy, no more horrible coughing in the morning, but the best change was sleeping soundly! Now others in my life may say the best change was not smelling anymore. That too I must have to agree has been a huge change. Now I know why people say smoking stinks, it does. That said, no one that I vape around ever comment about it. My mother who never smoked in her life, lets me vape in her house. She is so happy that I have finally given up smoking. I have many friends who have put down the cigarettes and have done so successfully by vaping. And I am sure many of them would say the change it made for me helped to influence them. I have met many ex-smokers since vaping and the funny thing is we all smile. I watched my Dad quit a few times, and he was the typical ex-smoker, angry, frustrated and if he had to quit everyone else should. I do not see that with vapers, we know the struggle it is to quit, but have found something that makes it so much easier, and we are all smiling! Everyday more and more is said about vaping, local and state governments are debating the topic of how to handle it. The sad part is I see that most of these discussions are about taxing it, or banning it, or greatly restricting it. I rarely see any of the decision makers asking does it work. In my town, the Pierce County Health Board decided they needed to act with regards to vaping a couple years ago, and they were positioned to ban it just like King County did. Thankfully that little shop owner stepped up along with some other vapers and opened their eyes to what vaping is. They realized that for lack of scientific data why should they ban something that may work. So they didn't ban it or tax it, they made some common sense restrictions to allow establishments to decide if vaping would be allowed, and to revisit the topic of vaping every couple years. I couldn't say how many people now in Western Washington vape instead of smoke, but I know daily more and more make the switch. If the goal is to help smokers quit smoking, then all options should be on the table. September 12th, 2011 will always be a big turning point in my life. I never could imagine a day I wouldn't smoke, and now I am smoke free! It is my hope that more and more people will discover vaping as an alternative! It works!


David Gelb, Cherry Hill NJ
I am 59 (5/21/54) years old. I started smoking in boarding school, with written parental consent when I was 11. I haven't had a cigarette since October 2010. I was on my way to becoming a victim of Emphysema. 3 to 3.5 packs a day. I was spending money like a heroin addict too. I tried the patch 3 times. Once alone & twice with drugs (Wellbutrin). I hate it, they itched & burned my skin & always needed surgical tape to keep from falling off. They did work great, for 14 weeks I didn't smoke a single cigarette. All 3 times at the end of the 14 week program, I'd buy a pack & start smoking again. I tried electronic cigarettes, not liking them right away. tried over & over. The third time I tried it was good & I liked it. I haven't smoked in over 2.5 years. I hate the smell & taste of smoke now. My wife is trying to use electronic vaporizers too, but hasn't quit yet. I hope she does soon! The money & smell are 2 very good reasons. I recommend electronic cigarettes to everyone who smokes! If they became unavailable I know I would start smoking again.


David Embrey
My Story: I'd been smoking analog cigarettes since I was 14, I'm now 49. I'd gotten to the point that I was smoking a pack a day. I'd tried other means of quitting; the gum, the patch, cold turkey, hypnosis, and nothing worked. I personally switched to e-cigarettes on March 29, 2010 (my daughter's 8th birthday). One day, a couple weeks before my daughters birthday, I walked into a smoke shop here in west San Jose, CA to pick up a carton of smokes, and as I was opening the door I noticed a small sign I hadn't seen before. It simply stated, “Ask us about our New Electronic Cigarette." So I did just that, and the store owner explained what it was, and how it worked. I asked quite a few question, i.e., "Would it help me to stop smoking? His response was, "It's not meant to, it's meant to be a safer alternative." That's what sold me, SAFER! Within those two weeks, my daughter asked me again, "Will you quit 'smoking' for my birthday?". She's asked this multiple times before. But this time my response was different, "YES", I said. The look on her face was priceless, then she turned away slightly and put her hands to her face. I asked what's wrong as I turned her back toward me, she had tears rolling down her checks. All she said was "Daddy…Thank You!…Thank You!" Being a dad, I couldn't help but get a bit emotional too. Being able to say that to her effected me on multiple levels. All of which are positives; • Knowing that I'd overcome something that has been a burden for 3/4 of my life • Not subjecting my friends and family to second-hand smoke • Not smelling like cigarette smoke • Being able to smell all the wonderful, and not so wonderful smells around me • Being able to taste the food that now tastes even better • Being able to run/walk up a set of stairs and not be winded • Saving money (since quitting, 675 days ago, I've saved over $4,046.00) • Giving my daughter a good-night hug and kiss and having her say, "You smell like wintergreen Lifesaver", then giggling! Sincerely, David Embrey San Jose, CA


Andrew Moss from Costa Mesa, CA, USA
I smoked cigarettes for over 20 years, a pack and a half a day. I have had quite a few failed attempts to give up smoking in that time. Prescribed medications (Wellbutrin) where I went back to smoking after the course of medication ended. Dummy devices like clove (and you think cigarettes stink!). Nicotine replacements. Cold turkey. All unsatisfying and ditched within 6 weeks at most. I now have a young son and decided I needed to quit and had to make it stick. I spent 2 weeks investigating e-cigs online, reading reviews and health studies. 16 weeks ago I used my e-cig for the first time. It was also the last day I had a real cigarette. 16 weeks on and I have more energy, no cough, no wheezing, better taste and smell. I cannot believe how easy it was (for me). Thing is I loved nicotine, it had great benefits to my concentration and focus. Switching to ecigs worked. Quitting cigs (and therefore nicotine) never did. Oddly, the need for nicotine is a lot less now, I never think of popping out in the middle of a movie for a vape, I always did when I smoked. Which tells me that nicotine is nowhere near as addictive as I was led to believe.


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