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Real People. Real Stories.

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) is collecting successful vape stories and testimonials from smokers who used smoke-free alternatives to quit or reduce their smoking. The testimonials are posted publicly on our website for everyone to see, and may be sent to lawmakers to fight anti-vaping legislation.

This public collection of successful vape stories is a powerful response to those who want to restrict access to e-cigarettes and other smoke-free products. Our goal is to present a large collection of compelling individual reports that will make it impossible for anyone to claim that substitution of low-risk alternatives (e-cigarettes, snus, and other smoke-free tobacco/nicotine products) is not a proven method for quitting smoking.

You are free to write your own story and include or exclude any details as you like. However, if you would like a few suggestions, below is a list of questions to consider:

  • How long did you smoke?
  • How long ago did you start using a smoke-free alternative?
  • Exactly what type of smoke-free products do you use (please do not include company/brand names), and has this changed over time?
  • Do you still smoke, and if so how much have you cut down?
  • Did you both smoke and use the smoke-free product for a time before quitting smoking entirely (if so, how long?), or did you switch immediately? Did you stop tobacco/nicotine entirely for a while and then start using a low-risk alternative?
  • What methods (NRT, Chantix, counseling, etc.) did you use to try to quit smoking before switching to a smoke-free alternative? How long were you able to go without smoking using these other methods before starting again?
  • What changes in the quality of your life (both positive and negative) have you noticed since adopting the smoke-free alternative?

You may prefer to write your story in a word processor and paste it here. You need to enter your entire story at once – you cannot start it and come back. There is no maximum length. Please remember that by submitting this, you are agreeing to have it posted online.

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# Name Testimonial Experience Date
springHillpapa Spting Hill FL 34609
I started trying to quit cigarettes over 10 years ago. When I turned 40 I realized that cigarettes were going to kill me. I tried the nicotine patch first. I used 21 mg patches. after a day at work off came the patch and I smoked. Just not that good. I gave up and a year later I started the new herbal quit smoking product I remember it was expensive and didnt work at all. Next up in the quitting circle was hypnosis. What a joke. I was smoking as soon as I left the session. So off to the doctor, he gave me wellbutrin and said use patches with that. It worked for a while. I think I was good (off cigarettes) for about 90 days. But, it impacted my quality of life. I was so drugged up I had no emotions and no feelings. I stopped the wellbutrin and cigarettes were back. I smoked for a while this time. Probably 2 years. Then I was diagnosed with high Blood pressure. I knew I had to quit. Back on patches, same results as above,I tried SNUS (Yuck they were like sucking a wet sock) I tried gum, also nasty. then I heard about chantix. It was anew product at the time. I had my doctor prescribe it, it was expensive. It was nasty, it made me over emotional, angry and impotent. But, I actually quit smoking for a year. It was hell though I think it was worse than smoking as far as I was concerned anyway. Then I was smoking again. More chantix (ya know it really only works well once) More patches, more gum, more patches and on and on and on. Finally, a friend of mine said "Hey, try vaping...." He explained to me how it worked, where to get a starter kit and how it all worked. I ordered 2 kits one for me and one for my wife figuring heck it cant hurt I tried everything else. My wife and I have been vaping for about 3 months now with NO CIGARETTES NO desire for one and no problems with nictine withdrawal or the hand to mouth smoking thing that gets alot of people. Vaping is the only thing I found that actually got me off cigarettes without ANY nasty side effects or issues. MY wife and I smoked for nearly 25 years. We have not bought or smoked a cigarette in 3 months. I find this amazing! MY wind is coming back, my sense of smell is back.It is all good. Vaping is the best maybe the only way to quit or reduce smoking. My sister in law has been smoking for 20 years and was desperate to quit. I bought her a vape starter kit a week ago. She is now smoking 4 cigarettes a day rather than a pack a day. I am confident she will stop cigarettes altogether in another week. THANKS E CIGS VAPING and the ECIG Forum


Jeremy Minter
Hi. I smoked for 23 years. I was up to 2 packs a day. I tried a number of thing to stop smoking. I tried the Patch, Chantix, and Gum. I was only able to quit after trying an Electronic Cigarette. I was able to quit the same day that I started using the Ecig. It has been great. I love it. I could taste food again. I can smell so many other things better. I breath so much better. I have yet to find any negatives. I guess the only negative would be the constant worry that ecigs will be banned or limited on flavors by our government. I have had a number 5 friends that have quit after i showed them how well it worked. Its been 2.5 years of no smoking with no feeling of wanted a regular cigarette. I hope this info will convince others to try ecigs out. I also hope that our government looks at stories like mine and will leave Ecigs alone. I am sure that this has prolonged my life and made it better. Thanks for your time, Jeremy


Carl Sikes
I smoked Marlboro Reds for about 40 years. After my brother died of lung cancer at age 59, I tried to quit using nicotine patches and also tried using a couple of different medications prescribed by my doctor. For me these were a waste of time and money, Finally in August of 2011, after trying a couple of the inferior electronic cigarettes, I found Green Smoke electronic cigarettes. This product is great and I have not had a traditional cigarette since August 11th, 2011. That was the day that I received my first Starter Kit from Green Smoke. After finding Green Smoke I decided to start an electronic cigarette review website ( to honor my brother and to feature only the best electronic cigarettes I could find. Hopefully I can help people avoid trying the inferior electronic cigarettes and then going back to traditional cigarettes. If I could quit after about 40 years of smoking, I know that anyone out there can do the same. I hope this story inspires the people that are still smoking to give electronic cigarettes a try and if they tried an inferior electronic cigarette, to go to and read the reviews to find a good one.


Sonny Collie
I am a professional musician. I smoked heavily for over 30 years, heedlessly at first and then with growing concern about it as respiratory and other harms began to manifest themselves. I tried to quit many times, both cold turkey and by using patches, gums, lozenges and the prescription drug Bupropion, all without success despite tremendous effort and struggle with the miserable side effects of smoking cessation. Electronic cigarettes ("vaping") helped me achieve what no other strategy could. Because vaping provides an analog for the entire spectrum of smoking behaviors and sensory effects, the transition away from cigarettes was finally achievable for me. It was possible to immediately go from heavy smoking to only a few cigarettes a day without difficulty or stress. The health benefits -- increased lung capacity and function and more energy among them -- were apparent within 24 hours and have only increased with time. The exploration of the different designs of e-cigarette products and the wide-open field of flavorings, while time consuming and somewhat costly, provided a critical function for any quitter of cigarettes: an engaging *distraction* from the compulsive behaviors associated with smoking. The same can be said for the social connectedness, communication and support of the wonderful vaping community, something making great use of, and ideally suited to, the Internet and social media. The ultimate result, for me and millions of others, has been freedom from the terrible fate of becoming aging and deteriorating cigarette smokers. I stand by vaping as a most positive force for public health and wellness. It is a life changer.


Patricia Salzer, Ronkonkoma, NY
I smoked for about 48 years, I believe, having started at about age 15. I smoked at least a pack a day most days. Of course, I knew I should quit. I tried cold turkey a number of times. That never worked for long. I tried Nicorette gum, and that did a good job with the craving for nicotine, but it seemed that the urge to smoke was something more than just a dependency on nicotine and the gum didn't address the urge to smoke very well at all. I was reluctant to try the patch because I was afraid I'd smoke while using it and that was dangerous, or so I'd heard. Chantix came along recently, but watching the side effects others had with it, I just did not want to try that. I started noticing electronic cigarettes in stores and was kind of interested in them. In February of this year I went ahead and bought one. From the first puff I thought that this could be an adequate replacement for cigarettes. I had about three cartons of cigarettes at home, and had every intention of finishing them, switching off with the electronic cigarette until they were gone. That didn't happen. By the second week I was only smoking about half of the real cigarette before it started tasting terrible. The very last time I lit up a regular cigarette I took two drags and then spent much of the rest of the day trying to get the horrible taste out of my mouth. That was February 20, 2013. Now it's the end of May and I haven't had or wanted a cigarette since. In that time, my blood pressure has gone down over 20 points. My breathing is much, much better and I don't wake up with a cough anymore. I've switched from disposable cigarettes to the much more enjoyable intermediate type,such as the Ego and similar. When I started, I chose a nicotine level of 24mg/ml and now am down to 12mg/ml. I plan to go down to zero, primarily because of my tendency to high blood pressure. I'll be doing it very gradually. Oh, and I lost some weight! People tend to gain weight when they give up cigarettes, but the ability to vape sweet flavors has satisfied my after dinner sweet tooth, which has been my diet downfall forever. Health is the most important factor, but I do enjoy knowing that I don't smell bad to non-smokers any longer, I'm not polluting the atmosphere, even outoors, there are no cigarette butts to contend with and I don't have to worry about starting a fire. All in all, I can only say that electronic cigarettes are the first and only thing that have helped me to walk away from tobacco cigarettes and in addition have enhanced my life in a number of ways.


Robert Corsell (Tattbob) from Tampa, Florida
I had been a smoker for 36 years. I had tried several times to quit(cold turkey and the patch)unsucessfully. On October 24, 2011 I picked up an e cig and never looked back. It's hard to believe I went from 2.5 packs a day to nothing overnight but that is what happened. I have been able to lose 35 lbs and have been taken off of my blood pressure medicine.Thank god for e cigs they saved my life


Terry O. Eunice La.
First cigarette at age 15 or 16. Smoked till age 56. Introduced to e cigs by my brother (2012), who showed me how to use them. Immediately took to it. Lowered my pack and 1/4 daily habit to just 1 or 2 during the day. After a few months, I was down to 1 cigarette a week. Then I realized I could just QUIT altogether. And it was past time! I had yearly bouts with colds, sinus and bronchitis. Energy level was down... Thought regularly about cancer!! Doctor had been pushing for me to quit. Bonus is having my son and daughter-in-law give up cigarettes too and begin using e cigs. They are young enough for the body to recoup most of the damage done by cigarettes. YEAH! If it hadn't been for someone showing me the ropes, I would not have made the milestone - cigarette FREE for 5 months now! I just came up on a year of using the electronic cigarette and am enjoying it more than ever. My nicotine level is at 6-12, down from the early 18 level(e liquid). I only buy made in the USA e liquids and found a lot of the products make me wheeze. Research, and trial and error have led me to 2 reputable companies who sell quality e liquid. I can not stress enough, how many people would love to use an e cig, but like me, have no idea where to begin. Education is important. Hopefully, I have added years to my life. P.S. Cigarettes are so addictive. I still keep a pack of smokes, in the house, just to know I can and do have them. They are unopened. Telling myself it is an option, has kept me smoke free.


Jason Hagan from Greer SC
I smoked for 20 years and thought I would never be able to quit. A friend turned me on to the electronic cigarette and I quit in 4 days!! It worked so well that I felt that I need to help others quit and started my own brick and mortar company in Greer SC called Vapor Room Café. I get so more pleasure out of seeing someone else try it, buy it and put down cigarettes. It is a great feeling to help someone that feels as helpless as I did about quitting tobacco cigarettes. Thanks for leeting me tell my story. Keep up the great work CASSA!! Thanks, Jason Hagan Owner Vapor Room Café


Janet Lane
i was a 22 year 2 pack a day smoker. i am 38 years old and have been a full time smoker since 16 years old. My father died of congestive heart failure at age 50 in 1998. i began trying to quit smoking then, unsuccessfully, by going cold turkey. when i gave up on trying to qquit i found i was smoking more than before. in 2005 i rededicated myself to quitting. i tried the patch, i did get down to 4 cigarettes a day, but as soon as i took off my last patch i went right back to smoking even more than before. my doctor then prescribed chantix for me, after 3 months of being on that and never even slowing down how much i smoked i gave that up, too. i finally resigned myself to the fact that i was a smoker, never going to quit. untill 3 weeks ago, my husband's cousin showed me his personal vaporizer. i tried it, went and bought my own and have not had a cigarette since. i am now a former smoker. that is something i never believed i would be able to say.


I smoked for 20 yrs I chose to use a e-cig 6 months ago i use a ego twist with tank. At first i started with 24mg nic and am now using 6mg the change from smoking to vaping has been amazing for both me and my wife and several friends. I can breath better no short windedness i have alot more energy i've wanted to quit for years but i failed every time. I find it disgusting what the gov allows tobacco companies to do to make cigs soo addictive!


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