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Real People. Real Stories.

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) is collecting successful vape stories and testimonials from smokers who used smoke-free alternatives to quit or reduce their smoking. The testimonials are posted publicly on our website for everyone to see, and may be sent to lawmakers to fight anti-vaping legislation.

This public collection of successful vape stories is a powerful response to those who want to restrict access to e-cigarettes and other smoke-free products. Our goal is to present a large collection of compelling individual reports that will make it impossible for anyone to claim that substitution of low-risk alternatives (e-cigarettes, snus, and other smoke-free tobacco/nicotine products) is not a proven method for quitting smoking.

You are free to write your own story and include or exclude any details as you like. However, if you would like a few suggestions, below is a list of questions to consider:

  • How long did you smoke?
  • How long ago did you start using a smoke-free alternative?
  • Exactly what type of smoke-free products do you use (please do not include company/brand names), and has this changed over time?
  • Do you still smoke, and if so how much have you cut down?
  • Did you both smoke and use the smoke-free product for a time before quitting smoking entirely (if so, how long?), or did you switch immediately? Did you stop tobacco/nicotine entirely for a while and then start using a low-risk alternative?
  • What methods (NRT, Chantix, counseling, etc.) did you use to try to quit smoking before switching to a smoke-free alternative? How long were you able to go without smoking using these other methods before starting again?
  • What changes in the quality of your life (both positive and negative) have you noticed since adopting the smoke-free alternative?

You may prefer to write your story in a word processor and paste it here. You need to enter your entire story at once – you cannot start it and come back. There is no maximum length. Please remember that by submitting this, you are agreeing to have it posted online.

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Thad Marney (DevilsThadvocate)
Raised in a traditional Christian home, I first tried a cigarette when I was about 18 years old in rebellion against a friend who would not keep her promise to stop smoking. It wasn’t until several years later when I got my first job as a Technical Support Analyst that the occasional cigarette with a coworker grew into an expensive habit that I immediately wanted to quit. I tried to quit cold turkey, and then I tried using a nicotine patch, gum, lozenge, and even hypnotherapy. Each time I would have some success, but eventually life’s stressors or my own stubborn ADHD brain would bring me back to cigarettes over the next 15 years until I discovered an invention called “electronic cigarettes…” I was immediately fascinated by the gadgets when I first saw them in Clackamas Town Center shopping mall, and threw several hundred dollars for “starter kits” for myself and some friends. Unfortunately, some of the parts were lost within a few days so it mostly sat on a shelf for about a year until one day my (then 7-year old) daughter objected as I was stepping outside for a cigarette, and said “Daddy, isn’t that ‘pretend cigarette’ better for you? You should use that instead.” Inspired by her pure intentions and desire to keep her daddy alive and healthy, I began researching electronic cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction. Within a few days after finding a better model and trying some different flavors and strengths, I found that I could customize “vaping” into an experience that I enjoyed as much if not more than smoking. I wasn’t planning or expecting to quit smoking but was happy to drop to just one or fewer cigarettes a day, but eventually my senses of taste and smell improved and I lost interest in smoking. One day it occurred to me that I couldn’t remember when I’d last had or wanted a cigarette. I stopped smoking the same way I started: As an unintended consequence of spending time with techies! In order to have a calendar date to point to, I intentionally smoked one cigarette on New Years’ Eve, Dec 31, 2009 and I haven’t had a cigarette since.


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