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Real People. Real Stories.

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) is collecting successful vape stories and testimonials from smokers who used smoke-free alternatives to quit or reduce their smoking. The testimonials are posted publicly on our website for everyone to see, and may be sent to lawmakers to fight anti-vaping legislation.

This public collection of successful vape stories is a powerful response to those who want to restrict access to e-cigarettes and other smoke-free products. Our goal is to present a large collection of compelling individual reports that will make it impossible for anyone to claim that substitution of low-risk alternatives (e-cigarettes, snus, and other smoke-free tobacco/nicotine products) is not a proven method for quitting smoking.

You are free to write your own story and include or exclude any details as you like. However, if you would like a few suggestions, below is a list of questions to consider:

  • How long did you smoke?
  • How long ago did you start using a smoke-free alternative?
  • Exactly what type of smoke-free products do you use (please do not include company/brand names), and has this changed over time?
  • Do you still smoke, and if so how much have you cut down?
  • Did you both smoke and use the smoke-free product for a time before quitting smoking entirely (if so, how long?), or did you switch immediately? Did you stop tobacco/nicotine entirely for a while and then start using a low-risk alternative?
  • What methods (NRT, Chantix, counseling, etc.) did you use to try to quit smoking before switching to a smoke-free alternative? How long were you able to go without smoking using these other methods before starting again?
  • What changes in the quality of your life (both positive and negative) have you noticed since adopting the smoke-free alternative?

You may prefer to write your story in a word processor and paste it here. You need to enter your entire story at once – you cannot start it and come back. There is no maximum length. Please remember that by submitting this, you are agreeing to have it posted online.

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# Name Testimonial Experience Date
I started to smoke at 13 years old. I'm now 32 years old, in the past 6 years I have noticed that my Stamina and Energy levels are getting worse. I couldn't walk for 1.5 Kilometers without having to stop at least one time to catch my breath, my skin looked oily all the time, my energy levels were depleted already in the morning after my first 3-4 cigarettes, felt lethargic most of the time, no motivation to do stuff and I have developed stomach pain as soon as I smoked my first few cigarettes. A month ago I switched to vaping and I have noticed within days that it's easier to walk long distances, no need to stop and people looking at me more often. I am more motivated to do something and have a bit more energy, people that know me for a longer time ask me what did I do to my face that it looks so clear and vibrant now, stomach problems are getting rare. Smoking for some people isn't making any difference but for some it causes whole lots of problems like for me. Since I vape my Diet has changed for the better, I rarely eat now fast foods and rarely drink sodas. I cant imagine what will happen in 1-2 years from now on if I continue this way... I use 6mg nic. Liquids ********** and ******* and the same with 3mg Nicotine. I use 6 mg when I'm out, on workplace or driving and 3 mg I use at home. Vaping is really a great way to stay away from Cigaretttes and to get you motivated to have a healthier Lifestyle.

Less than 1 year


Sara Fleming
I started vaping as a teenager (sadly) and wasn’t told much about it and decided to learn more after my husband started vaping Juul pods. Ive been in the industry for two years and I work at a vape shop that helps people quit smoking. I’m a huge advocate for vaping and have helped my husband and others switch over from cigarettes. I would like to continue to fight for vaping as I know from experience and others how helpful it is!

2-5 years


I've been a smoker for years and used something called snus( a swedish tobacco product that you put under your lip) for just as long. Since I have ADHD nicotine has always helped me with my stress. I quit smoking years ago but hasn't been able to handle my stress. It felt really dumb to start smoking again just to get the benefits that nicotine can have on someone like me. I found vaping and it is great! Now I can "smoke" without feeling disgusting or have any smell linger and I don't have to inhale a bunch of tar. I really hope that vaping stays because it has helped me a lot. I know it is still not the best for me, but I rather live a shorter life with nicotine than a life full of the extra stress I have felt for the last 5 years.

Less than 1 year


Former Smoker
I was ditching class one day, and my friend Patrick pulled out a pack of Marlboro. I was 13 at the time and in junior high. I lit the cig and nothing. Pat said to inhale, and I didn't cough. Instead, I got dizzy. My brain was roiling like I was high. I hugged a tree, and Pat said, good, you did it correctly. After a while, I did not get dizzy, and I was a regular smoker. Fast forward to 2015, and a buddy of mine shared a vape with me. Keep in mind I was still smoking, but after about a month of vaping, I bought a pack of cigarettes, lit one, inhaled the smoke, but then threw it away after getting sick of the smoke. The following week, I did the same thing; I smoked half and threw it away. After four cigarettes, I gave my pack to a friend. So for more than seven years, I have been vaping regularly, and now U get disgusted by the aroma of tobacco. I was nauseous in Vegas but got accustomed after being on the casino floor for a few hours. What was fun was that I was making clouds while gambling. Yes, people looked, but I didn't care. I just vaped away and enjoyed vaping in my room, the casino, and anywhere smoking is permitted. I intend to buy my products online.

11+ years


I smoked at least a pack a day sometimes more for 40 plus years since I started smoking at age 10 but of course only one cig a day of that! We smoked only when we could jack my aunties bare ass camels! Yuck! Anyway Marlboro menthol was my fav cig for over 20 years! In July in 2018 I decided to invest in a vape because cig were too costly so I bought a 75$ vape and 2 bottles of oil for a hundred bucks. Well that hundred bucks saved me so much money it unreal!! After the initial buy I was spending maybe 10$ a month!! Sometimes 5$! It’s been 4 years now and I have not tried not one cigarette nor do I want to or even think about it!! As matter of fact I can't stand the smell of cigs period! I feel so much better and I can feel how much more lung expansion I have!! No more shortness of breath going up stairs or just walking. I live my vape and I’m so glad they were invented!! Vapes have saved a lot of lives so idk how ppl can put it down when they know nothing about it!! And of course the cig companies are mad and highly upset because cig sales dropped drastically!! Sorry guys you all should of invented the vapes or at least came out with a brand of your own! I’m sure that a lot of the vape product is owned by the same cig company that’s making the complaints! Anyway I love my vape and won't stop just to start smoking cigs again!! Yucky!!

2-5 years


Suzanne Grundy
12.02.2022 Just an update - I dropped down to 3mg of nicotine in early 2016 when I started making my own e-liquid regularly. Sourcing good products takes a bit of time; however, it is still less expensive than buying pre-made e-liquid. I get my VG pre-mixed with 3mn nicotine and 50/50 it myself with PG. Flavors are all made in the US and are PG. I have to pay freight charges and buy in much larger quantities than before because no one sells just "a little bit" any longer. I have not smoked a cigarette since April 13, 2015. My VA doctors say my lungs have cleared and have no issues with my vaping. I haven't had bronchitis or pneumonia since I stopped smoking. Vaping has given me my life back. 11.14.2015 I smoked for 40 years, and was up to 4-packs a day - No More! Vaping has changed my life. Am I aware I'm still nicotine dependent? Yes. However, I started at 24mg and am now down to 12mg (and continuing to drop). I was a menthol smoker. Now I vape bubblegum. Leave us our flavors, please. No one minds my vapor. Everyone hated my smoking. I can climb stairs and not be out of breath. I can walk. I've lost weight because I'm able to be more active. I started smoking at age 12. I 'm now 53. I began the process of switching to vaping in early 2010. After a lot of soul-searching as to why I kept going back to cigarettes, I finally switched completely in April of this year (2015). By the way, I've tried everything to quit smoking - cold turkey, weaning down, patches... I stopped trying when all that was left was taking pills. Vaping made more sense. Don't make e-cigarettes and vaping go underground.

11+ years


Thanks to you guys banning vapes, my mom went back full on smoking cigarettes. It wasn’t her choice. She was way healthier vaping. But you guys said “oh adults don’t vape cheesecake flavors, or strawberry watermelon” literally watched the life sucked out of her as she smoked a pack a day. It wasn’t her trying to keep up with the nicotine she was getting vaping, it was the tobacco company killing her. She smoked a pack a day for 2 years prior to switching to vaping and feeling better than she ever had. Safe to say she’s no longer with us. Doctors ruled smoking as a major cause of her death. COPD, asthma, you name it. Thanks a lot for killing my mom you sorry sacks of $&@#


I started smoking when I was 12. Smoked for three decades. And I wasn't doing it socially, was proper two packs a day smoker. To be completely honest, I never had serious health issues (or at least didn't think I had any), and I was one of those stubborn people who never planned to quit smoking. Guess what made me quit? Vaping. Yup. A friend of mine had one of those early vape pens, I was so intrigued that I ordered one. Gradually weaned myself off cigarettes and actually started enjoying vaping. Only after quitting cigarettes did I realize how harmful they were and what they were doing to me, how much my stamina suffered. Yes, vaping is bad for you too, but it is far less harmful than cigarettes. This isn't just my opinion, science says so as well: I am forever thankful to whoever invented vaping and will support CASAA as long as I live!

6-10 years


I am a 31 year old father of 2. Since vaping I feel better and am able to keep up with my kids. Vaping is not 100% safe, nothing in life is. But vaping is safer then combustible cigarettes.

2-5 years


Melodie Carlisle
I quit using a small electronic pen device over 8 and a half years ago. I was born with asthma and started smoking at about 13 years old. After smoking for over over 30 years over a pack a day, I was constantly sick with bronchitis, pneumonia a couple of times and my oxygen was dropping into the low 60’s while I slept. Finally, in 2010, I was diagnosed with COPD. Oxygen was ordered and brought into into my home. I knew if something didn’t change and fast, I would have absolutely no freedom in life, chained to a bottle or oxygen concentrator. Back in 2013, my father passed from heart disease after smoking almost his entire adult living, instilling even more reason to quit. My boyfriend’s stepmom showed me her device and let me try it. I knew that it was going to help me quit because it had allowed her to quit and she smoked way longer than I had! So 9 1/2 years later, no oxygen or breathing treatments, I rarely use an inhaler (seasonal allergies sometimes gives me a tiny bit of a need) I feel a thousand times better than when I smoked, my taste for food is great and I honestly know deep in my heart that vaping gave me my lung function back and freedom to do things I would have never been able to do before. I finally went to see the ocean this past summer with my 17 year old son and we had an amazing time! My breathing would never have allowed me to everything that I now enjoy. I haven’t been sick with a lung infection in over those 9 1/2 years excluding two bouts with Covid-19 last year. I find it awesome that something has allowed me to break free of cigarettes has also given me so much more.

6-10 years


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