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Real People. Real Stories.

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) is collecting successful vape stories and testimonials from smokers who used smoke-free alternatives to quit or reduce their smoking. The testimonials are posted publicly on our website for everyone to see, and may be sent to lawmakers to fight anti-vaping legislation.

This public collection of successful vape stories is a powerful response to those who want to restrict access to e-cigarettes and other smoke-free products. Our goal is to present a large collection of compelling individual reports that will make it impossible for anyone to claim that substitution of low-risk alternatives (e-cigarettes, snus, and other smoke-free tobacco/nicotine products) is not a proven method for quitting smoking.

You are free to write your own story and include or exclude any details as you like. However, if you would like a few suggestions, below is a list of questions to consider:

  • How long did you smoke?
  • How long ago did you start using a smoke-free alternative?
  • Exactly what type of smoke-free products do you use (please do not include company/brand names), and has this changed over time?
  • Do you still smoke, and if so how much have you cut down?
  • Did you both smoke and use the smoke-free product for a time before quitting smoking entirely (if so, how long?), or did you switch immediately? Did you stop tobacco/nicotine entirely for a while and then start using a low-risk alternative?
  • What methods (NRT, Chantix, counseling, etc.) did you use to try to quit smoking before switching to a smoke-free alternative? How long were you able to go without smoking using these other methods before starting again?
  • What changes in the quality of your life (both positive and negative) have you noticed since adopting the smoke-free alternative?

You may prefer to write your story in a word processor and paste it here. You need to enter your entire story at once – you cannot start it and come back. There is no maximum length. Please remember that by submitting this, you are agreeing to have it posted online.

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# Name Testimonial Experience Date
56 yo. 37 years smoking, the last 20, 60 cigarettes a day, today 6 years and 1 month without any cigarette. I thought I would die smoking, my health at the end of my 40's was bad, overweight, tired, I lived with a cigarette in my hand, I had started smoking at the age of 13, at 15 I already smoked a pack of cigarettes, in those days it was smoking was allowed in high school, some teachers and even the principal smoked, you feel big, powerful, proud to put a cigarette in your mouth, already in architecture at the university, the cigarette accompanied my nights, day after day, year after year, There were occasions when I found myself with two or three cigarettes lit at the same time, at that time I met my current wife who did not smoke but began to do so with me, we smoked one after the other, it was at that time that I began to consume 2 packs a day , after our wedding we continued smoking until she got pregnant with our first daughter, and when she was born we decided to quit, it was the first attempt to do so, it only lasted 15 days, because in a meeting with friends I turned on the first one again and said only one at the meeting, a week later I was smoking as much as before, my wife the same, even though she didn't smoke much, she lived with her entire smoking family where EVERYONE SMOKED IN THEIR HOUSE... that's when the bans came up, price increases had already my second daughter was born, and my increase to 3 packs that I kept for 20 more years, people identified me by my hand outside my car with the cigarette in my hand... my health deteriorated when I contracted Diabetes thanks to my lack of exercise and morbid obesity that I came to have, climbing stairs, working was very difficult because walking up a floor led me to wait almost 10 minutes to be able to articulate a word, I kept panting... that was when, when I was almost 50, I went to the City from Mexico to the doctor because my health was very deteriorated, I had lost weight with a lot of effort and had lost more than 123 lbs of weight, I had pain in my body and I thought I had cancer, after a complete check-up they detected only fatty liver and uncontrolled blood pressure, etc. but something happened, severe lung damage did not appear... that was when I decided to quit smoking... my wife and I went to buy gadgets, I had smoked for 37 years, the last 20 years, 60 cigarettes a day, a total of 625,000 cigarettes and spent about 137,000 dlls in my life as a smoker without taking into account my wife who smoked 2 packs a day... we started with an **** *** **, an AIO that was comfortable for us, in 3 days I was without touch a cigarette and to date I have not smoked again, I am 6 years old and a month without touching a single one thanks to vaping, my health improved from black to white, now I am active, I walk, but stairs, I do not get tired and I do my work with pleasure clear that I have problems but they are due to other health problems such as type 2 diabetes that I try to control... I hope this testimony helps many guys not comment on our mistake, my wife having anxiety took a long time more than leaving it for now when our grandchildren were born they got it and it has been more than 1 year and a half without trying a cigarette...

6-10 years


I started smoking at 13. I smoked for almost 29 years. The last 2 years I was a dual user, smoking and vaping. I quit smoking completely and continued vaping in February '23. Honestly I just got tired of random coughing fits. I got tired of not being able to take a deep breath when I first wake up without coughing. I tried Chantix. The nausea and crazy dreams made me stop that prescription quickly. I tried cold turkey countless times. I would quit for a couple days and be right back smoking again. Since quitting smoking, and switching to vaping full time, I can breathe again. I don't cough for no reason. I can take a deep breath first thing in the morning. I can taste food again. I don't smell like an ash tray all day. I honestly feel like vaping saved my life. I use multiple types of vaping products including pods, regulated devices, mechanical mods. It's become a little bit of a hobby. Buying new mods to customize. I exclusively vape flavored juices. There's no way I would continue vaping if all I had to vape is a tobacco flavor. Why would I want to vape a product that tastes like the cigarettes I spent years trying to quit? Short answer, I wouldn't. I would still be smoking if flavors weren't an option. The more research I do, and the more I learn, the more I realize a nicotine addiction is the least of my worries. You're told your entire life that nicotine is terrible and causes cancer. When I found out through my research that's a blatant lie, the decision to switch to vaping was easy. I'm confident when I say, vaping saved my life.

1-2 years


WILLIAM QUIT SMOKING WITH ECIGS. William is 70 years-old, and lives in Florida. William quit smoking with ECigs. William began smoking at the young age of nine. By the time he was 13 years-old, he was a pack a day smoker. By the time he reached his 57th birthday and a 2 pack aday smoker, he had had a heart attack. During his youth, William spent some time in a juvenile detention facility. It was then that he realized how addictive smoking was. Deprived of his cigarettes while he was in detention, he experienced withdrawal symptoms so intense his wardens thought he was coming off an illegal substance. Growing up in Pinellas County, William had always been athletic. He set records in track during his high school years. He was a weightlifter. After his recent heart attack, William’s doctor told him to get off cigarettes. “He told me I would be dead in ten years if I didn’t stop smoking.” William tried the nicotine patch, but he found it to be too expensive. Then in 2012, William tried electronic cigarettes, and he hasn’t looked back since. William’s doctor found that William’s lung function has improved “100%”. William has better energy. His wife is an ex-smoker, so she is very happy with the fact that William is not a smoker anymore. Now that he is using e-cigs, William said that he will never, ever go back to regular cigarettes. As William pointed out, regular cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals. Many of these chemicals are toxic or carcinogenic. “I can smell it a mile away if someone has smoked a cigarette.” Many people who switch to e-cigs report the same sensitivity to the smell of cigarettes.

11+ years


Apathy Miller
I started smoking daily @ 11 yrs old as I had a brother who was 7yrs older than me, so I got into everything very early in life. I tried quiting dozens of times. With hypnosis, acupuncture, Allen Carr's as well as several other quit smoking and self help books. I tried patches, gum, lozenges, nicotine inhalers, aromatherapy. I tried Varenicline, desmoxan, Wellbutrin, & Chantix medications as well as several herbal remedies. All without more than a few days success. So I smoked 30 cigarettes a day for the next 24yrs. I thought I would die a smoker. Both my parents smoked, all 4 grandparents smoked. All passed from smoking related illnesses. I resigned myself to dying a smoker. I had early stages of COPD. I would get bronchitis every year, sometimes twice a year. Upper respiratory infections, ear and sinus infections. So once Blu came out on the market, I had high hopes & bought it in 2011. It did keep me off cigarettes for a couple weeks. Longer than anything else, but unfortunately I did go back to smokes. I then forgot all about vaping and the cigalikes. Then 1 day in January 2014 I had a coworker who's new year resolution was to quit smoking. On a smoke break he had a vaping setup. This was not a cigalike though. Hey had a dual battery mod and a rda. He was vaping a cereal eliquid. He let me try it. That was all it took. I went home that night and researched any and everything i could find out about vaping. The next day i went to a local vape shop on lunch. I bought a setup and some 24mg liquids. A tobacco and an apple jacks cereal liquid. And that was that, I had my last cigarette driving over to the vape shop. I was done smoking. I tried every flavor of liquid I could get my hands on. For me that's a HUGE part of the appeal. I can get the nicotine I want and it tastes like fruity pebbles, a twinkie, or chocolate chip cookies. The last thing I want is something that tries to mimic the taste of tobacco. As eliquids have to have a tobacco flavoring added in order for it to taste like tobacco, and they're not very good. I'd much rather have a liquid that tastes pleasant. Having to vape a tobacco flavor as an exsmoker is like making an alcoholic drink water that tastes like beer or vodka. But just like that, I was done smoking. I just passed 9yrs as a vaper as of February 28th. I'll never forget my quit date, because it has saved my life. I no longer get bronchitis or any respiratory infections. My copd is now gone. As I go to the doctor on a monthly basis due to other health issues, my doctors say that I have the lungs of a never smoker. They can't even tell that I ever smoked. I feel so much better! I've lost 50lbs, my high blood pressure is gone. I can now walk a flight of stairs or take my dogs for a walk without being out of breath, without struggling to breathe. I feel so much better! I can taste and smell again. My house, my car, nor myself smells like an ashtray anymore. So thank you vaping, YOU SAVED MY LIFE! I will forever be grateful!

6-10 years


I tried cigarettes at an age of 12 tears old - which was easy, as my older brother was an established smoker at young age already. But until being drafted after highschool into the army, I just smoked very occasionally as a teen. Cigarettes were then easy to get & cheap. After army service, during college I increased my use to a package per day of filtered cigarettes. With the occasional fine cigars, cigarillos and pipes in the following years. At the end of my meanwhile almost 18 years long daily smoking career, I've switched (for financial & health reason) to half a bag of untreated RYO tobacco over the day and several heads of flavoured tobacco in my pipe. During these years, I've tried cold turkey (after surgery) and NRTs (gum), but nothing worked. My first contact with vaping was in 2012, when a colleague switched to dual-use, but the devices felt too clumsy for taste at this time. Though, in spring 2016 good friends of mine began to dual-use and switch (intermittently) completely (after childbirth). I was impressed, how the devices had developed, went online and watched various German and international YouTube-channels to get the basics. On the evening of April 9th 2016, I went and bought my first vaping Kit (a third generation mod with a pre-mare coil clearomizer/ rebuildable head) at a pop-up vaping store in a mall together with just 2*10ml of rather blunt "vanilla" & "menthol" liquids. I lit my last cigarette/ touched any combustible tobacco on the following morning of the 10th of April 2016, after almost 18 years of daily smoking. Since then, I didn't relapse once. I've never felt better in the following month. Beside the obvious smell of burnt plant matter stuck onto everything being gone, my smell & breath volume returned. I didn't even took on weight, other than smokers trying to quit with "established methods". Shortly after switching, I immediately began to research DIY-liquids, bought semi-professional equipment and stocked up on flavour. I also started to built my own coils. Suddenly, quitting smoking became a hobby. But it didn't take long, for legislation to draw dark clouds on my newly discovered paradise. The second version of the EU's tobacco products directive (2014/40/EU) was about to become national law in Germany, crashing down on the blooming market. That was also the begin of my time as an vaping advocate in social media (and amongst my still smoking family and friends). Although working close to high ranking national politicians at that time, I wouldn't even have imagined, how much corruption, lies and bullying is actually going on behind the curtains in legislation & regulation, when it comes to a deny smokers a safer alternative to combustible tobacco. In summary, I can just do my best, to make/ keep switching to vaping products possible (again) for all those people who still (begin to) smoke, Unfortunately, my government declared me (and thousand others) a criminal for creating my own DIY-liquids, because I don't pay them their horrendous new sin taxes for and don't return to smoking cigarettes (which would be essentially less expensive with taxes included). The fight isn't over.

6-10 years


I quit smoking and started vaping 33 days ago. I’m also diabetic and have high blood pressure. Since I stated vaping my A1C levels are at an all time low, I’m also taking much less insulin. My blood pressure is back to normal and I’m no longer on blood pressure meds. Vaping has saved my life.

Less than 1 year


Grandma D
Vaping was the tool that helped me quit a pack a day smoking habit that started when I was 17 ( I am currently 62 years old)I. Vaping has been an absolute blessing. Unfortunately I live in a state which through political propaganda, lies and the ballot box has now banned the sale of Vape products, but that won’t prevent me from buying Vape products as I live close enough to cross state borders to buy vape products. As an adult I should have the freedom of choice with regards to vaping.

6-10 years


I smoked cigarettes for 17 years and always ran out of energy quickly. My sister and her husband would go jogging and in the first month (while smoking) I couldn't keep up with them. Along with the lack of oxygen from smoking cigarettes I also suffered with bronchitis once or twice every year. In February 2016 I decided to invest in my first vape device and a bottle of e-liquid and the following month, not only could I keep up with my sister and her husband, but I could taste food so much better and no more bronchitis. I've been vaping 3mg e-liquid for almost 7 years now and it has been the only thing that has helped me kick smoking. Vaping in my opinion is a much safer alternative to smoking and a much needed one.

2-5 years


Robert Anderson
I feel that people over the age of 21 should have the right to vape any flavor of vape juice they choose. Tobacco causes cancer. Vaping is 92% heather than smoking.


Smoked from age 16 to 33. A proper addict. Lied about it., packs hidden in car and in locker at work. Tried vaping. Chose a flavor I liked, at a nicotine strength twice the level stated on my cigarettes. I quit in 2 weeks and slowly over 6 months ramped down the nicotine. I have never looked back. Tried 1 draw from a cigarette after 3 weeks. It made me wretch. Sense of taste, sense of smell, general fitness all improved. I put on no weight. Best move I ever made. I quickly learned to only follow UK based research and studiously ignore anything published in the US. So much is biased, the US establishment is turning this into another culture war for no good reason.

11+ years


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