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ALA Wants FDA to Lie About Vaping and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

American Lung Association wants FDA to withhold life-saving information. FDA has (partial) loss to Blu in D.C. court. Spontaneous pneumothorax strikes again. The “youth vaping crisis” lie used several times despite contradicting CDC data. Law enforcement warns against menthol ban and more!

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TOBACCO CONTROL // American Lung Association Wants FDA to Lie About Vaping

The ALA asks the FDA to remove any reference to the scientific fact that smoke-free tobacco products are vastly safer than cigarettes.  They are effectively urging the agency to withhold lifesaving information about safer products from smokers and their loved ones.”

~ Dr. Brad Rodu

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TOBACCO CONTROL // PAHO Says to Ban Vaping

Although smoking “kills one million people in the Region of the Americas per year,” the Pan American Health Organization/WHO says governments should BAN the marketing of HARM REDUCING vapor products that could save millions of lives, “including their importation, distribution or sale.” Meanwhile, no country under PAHO bans actual CIGARETTES, nor do they call for that to happen (because they know a cigarette ban would just create a black market.)

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IN THE NEWS // Ignore the Facts, Just Blame Vaping

“The young [male] patient, who was thin…”

This doctor MUST know that tall and thin adolescents are at greatest risk for spontaneous pneumothorax (sudden onset of a collapsed lung without any apparent cause,) but chooses to blame vaping without presenting any evidence to back up that claim.

READ MORE: Vape escape: 16 year old’s lung goes bust after e-cigarette causes collapse

IN THE NEWS // Using Anecdotes (to Lie) Instead of CDC Data

Anecdotal “evidence” seems to rule in this newscast, claiming youth vaping is a “growing crisis” to scare parents. They confusingly reference both THC & e-cigs then make false claims about the e-cigs.

But the data on the most recent Texas youth use charts tells a very different story. Smoking, vaping and overall tobacco use has declined dramatically.

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TOBACCO & NICOTINE POLICY // They Didn’t Get the Memo

Two years ago, Philadelphia ended its 3 year, “science-based” ban on smoking at drug treatment centers, because in the real world it failed miserably by losing the most vulnerable patients who couldn’t or wouldn’t quit smoking.

Unfortunately, it seems these drug treatment centers in Minnesota didn’t get the memo.

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FDA // Delusional Policy Recommendations for Vaping

These tobacco control geniuses think it’s a good idea for the FDA to cap nicotine in cigarettes AND e-cigs, pushing 11.6 million adults back to smoking or ineffective cessation methods because 2.14 million youth vape at least once a month and just 640,000 vape daily.

They point to the UK, which has a scientifically-baseless cap at 20 mg/mL, but ignore that nicotine cap has clearly resulted in a thriving illicit market for sketchy vapes with higher nicotine strengths and larger tank sizes.

They say NRT “delivers nicotine into the body without exposure to other harmful chemicals found in e-cigarettes,” but that’s only if people actually CHOOSE to use NRT. Unlike NRT, e-cigs have been shown to help people quit even if they didn’t intend to.

Even more ridiculous, they state that because actual cigarettes will no longer have the same nicotine levels as before, e-cigarettes at higher strengths will no longer be needed. As if people won’t want/need the nicotine because of a government-mandated limit.🤦‍♂️

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RESEARCH // A Weak Case Against Vaping

Study suggests male teen smoking MAY increase risk of asthma, obesity and wheezing in their children. While teen smoking is declining (thanks to vaping,) and despite the fact that smoking is far more harmful than vaping, nicotine as the POSSIBLE cause has only been seen in a few animal studies, and vaping wasn’t even part of this study, one co-researcher’s take-away from the study was that “we need to act now” against vaping.

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FDA // Law Enforcement Opposition to Menthol Ban

This menthol ban will flood the streets, especially Black & Latino communities, with unregulated products, and if you think the products are unhealthy now, wait until the unregulated products are pushed into our communities.”

~ Major Neill Franklin (Ret.), Former Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership

READ MORE: National Coalition of Justice Practitioners (NCJP) Unite Against the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Proposed Ban on Menthol Cigarettes

FDA // Appeals Court (Partially) Rules Against FDA

Makers of Blu e-cigs accused FDA of failing to perform required analyses before issuing denials (at least regarding their unflavored products) and the D.C. Circuit agreed, becoming the 2nd court of appeals to find the FDA pulled a “surprise switcheroo.”

READ MORE: Another Appeals Court Accuses the FDA of Committing “Surprise Switcheroo”

FDA // All Based on a Lie

A coalition of 33 attorneys general have urged FDA to ban ALL (already technically “illegal”) flavored e-cigs based on the LIE of a “youth vaping crisis.”

These AGs will find themselves on the wrong side of history when it’s proven these products would have SAVED MILLIONS OF LIVES.

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TESTIMONIALS // Real people. Real Stories.

“Anecdote” #13,525:

Successfully switched to vaping, DB can now look forward to the day his young son graduates from college. Kids need their parents and vaping is helping millions of them to live longer.

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