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Michigan – (Concluded) Stop a Raft of Anti-vaping Legislation!

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11.09.23 – All bills introduced and referred to Committee on Regulatory Affairs

Lawmakers in Michigan are once again throwing everything and the kitchen sink into a raft of anti-vaping bills aiming to reduce everyone’s access to these life-saving products. These bills include everything from a flavor ban and tax hikes to repealing state preemption of local tobacco retailer laws.

Specifically, CASAA is monitoring proposals to increase taxes on all nicotine products regardless of risk and the effort to ban flavors other than tobacco.

  • SB 647 – Repeal state preemption for sale or licensure of tobacco products.
      • Repealing preemption would give municipalities the ability to enact sales and licensure laws that are stricter than a statewide regulation. This creates a patchwork of local tobacco and nicotine rules that promotes illicit sales and forces people to either travel greater distances to purchase products or pressures them to return to cigarettes, which remain the most harmful, accessible, and popular nicotine product.
  • HB 5198 – Prohibits descriptors and certain marketing of flavored nicotine products.
      • While not a ban, HB 5198 would prohibit retailers from marketing any products with flavors other than tobacco.
  • SB 648 – Taxation.
      • Enact a 57% wholesale tax on nicotine vapor products
      • Raise the tax on OTP (which includes smokeless and nicotine pouches) from 32% to 57%
      • Raise the tax on cigarettes from $2.00 to $350 per pack.
  • SB 649 – Flavor Ban.
    • Prohibit flavors, including menthol, in nicotine and tobacco products.