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NEW MEXICO – Stop a Flavor Ban!

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01.17.24 – Sent to S. Committees Committee – Referrals: SCC/STBTC/SJC

SB 80 would ban sales of nicotine and tobacco products in flavors other than tobacco, even if they’ve been authorized by FDA. This means that several products sold in mint, menthol, or wintergreen would be summarily banned without any scientific review by the legislature or state health department.

SB 80 is not currently scheduled for a hearing and CASAA will update this call to action as more information becomes available.


Advocates in New Mexico are encouraged to take this opportunity to send a message to your state senator urging them to oppose SB 80 and any other legislation that would severely restrict you access to safer nicotine products.

  • Urge lawmakers to oppose SB 80 which would ban nicotine and tobacco products in flavors other than tobacco.
  • This bill would prohibit sales of products that FDA has already deemed appropriate for the protection of public health and granted manufacturers the ability to market them as “less harmful than smoking.”
  • Briefly, share your story about switching to vaping and what role that flavors play in helping you live smoke free.
  • Note any health changes you’ve experienced.
  • Briefly, discuss what losing access to a local supply of vapor products will mean for you (Will you shop out-of-state, in neighboring cities, or online? Will you make your own e-liquid at home or purchase products on an underground market?).
  • Be brief, Be kind, and Say Thank You 🙂

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