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Ohio – Stop Local Anti-THR Laws & Flavor Bans! (ENDED)

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Veto Override

Veto Override

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01.24.24 – Senate votes 24-8 to override Gov. DeWine’s veto.

01.24.24 – Senate expected to reconvene


12.13.23 – The House voted 60-31 to override Gov. DeWine’s veto of legislation that prohibits local governments from enacting their own tobacco/nicotine policies. The Senate is expected to take up its side of the override veto in January. (The Ohio Senate reconvenes on January 24, 2024.) 

12.13.23 – The House is expected to reconvene and vote on veto overrides

07.05.23 – Line item veto receipt (Item 24 – Prohibition of local regulation of tobacco and nicotine products)

07.04.23 – Effective Operating appropriations effective July 4, 2023. Other provisions generally effective October 3, 2023. Some provisions subject to special effective dates.

Week of 06.19.23 – Finance Conference Committee is expected to convene and finalize the language of HB 33.

Week of 06.12.23 – What started as a provision in the state’s 2024-2025 appropriations bill that would preempt local regulation of tobacco and nicotine products has been transformed by a tobacco company into a flavor ban as well.

HB 33, an appropriations bill, was passed on July 4th. Notably, a statewide flavor ban was removed from the final language while preemption of local nicotine laws (prohibiting municipalities from enacting stricter regulations than the state) was included. Governor DeWine used his line-item veto power to reject the state preemption of tobacco regulations . A three-fifths majority is needed to reverse the governor’s veto and put a stop to the march of reckless anti-harm reduction ordinances at the local level.

On Wednesday, December 13, 2023, the Ohio house voted 60-31 in favor of overriding Governor DeWine’s veto. But the Senate adjourned before taking its own vote on the matter. 

On January 24, the Senate voted 24-8 to override Governor DeWine’s veto. This means that all tobacco and nicotine regulations imposed by local governments cannot exceed the state laws. This action effectively reverses any flavor bans that took effect prior to the passege of this legislation.

Over the past 18 months, at least 26 municipalities in Ohio have enacted or started considering ordinances that would prohibit safer nicotine products in flavors other than tobacco. These bills are being advanced in spite of historical and recent data showing that bans don’t work!

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Veto Message (see item 24)

Final Veto Messages - HB 33

Ohio House votes to override Gov. DeWine's veto of bill to prohibit flavored tobacco bans

The Columbus Dispatch

Ohio Senate overrides DeWine veto to keep cities from banning flavored tobacco

House and Senate both override Gov. Dewine's Veto

This call to action has concluded successfully! Thank you to everyone who took action by contacting your lawmakers.