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Washington – [Concluded] Stop a Tax Hike on Vapor!

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02/02/2022 – Executive session scheduled, but no action was taken in the Senate Committee on Health & Long Term Care. Died in committee.

01/13/22 – Hearing: House Finance Committee 8:00 AM

01/10/22 – First Reading

A bill that would change and expand the tax on vapor products ((33% retail tax)) is scheduled for a public hearing on

Thursday, January 13, 2022
8:00 AM
House Finance Committee
(remote testimony)

The Finance committee is only interested in hearing testimony about the economic implications from this proposed tax. Testimony about the public health benefit of affordable smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes is best saved for a potential second hearing in a health-focused committee.

You can take action now by simply sharing your opposition to this bill via the legislature’s website. The committee needs to see a wave of opposition to this tax so that the bill doesn’t move to the next stage.

If enacted, HB 1676 would impose one of, if not the highest retail taxes on vapor products in the country. A 33% tax would be paid on hardware, tanks, coils, batteries, and e-liquid.

H. Finance Committee Schedules

Read Full Bill Text - HB 1676

Take Action Now!

  • OPPOSE HB 1676

Tap the button below to visit the “Committee Sign In” page. Follow the instructions to share your opposition to the vapor tax. You do not have to sign up to speak, and if you do, bring more numbers than personal experience.