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FDA’s Special Math For Vaping Products and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

FDA’s Special Math for vaping products. CASAA in the news and at GTNF. New study finds there’s still no “gateway” to smoking. An asthma study with a timing problem. Former “Drug Czar” unsurprisingly misleads the public. Engineering a snus panic and more!

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FDA // How Many Vapes?

The FDA seems proud that it has managed to “authorize 23 e-cigarettes” (out of MILLIONS of products.)

In reality, the agency authorized just SEVEN e-cig devices and 12 refills since 2020 (and NONE have been authorized since July 2022.) ALL of the products are only authorized to be sold with artificial “tobacco” flavored e-liquid.

CASAA director Jim McDonald reporting for

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CASAA IN ACTION // Op-Ed By CASAA CEO Alex Clark in The Buffalo Times

It’s time for experts to update their priorities – and ensure that efforts to prevent kids from habitually using nicotine don’t undermine the fight to get adults off traditional cigarettes.”

~Alex Clark

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CASAA IN ACTION // The Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum

CASAA CEO Alex Clark (@Hello_Alex) took part in a panel discussion during the thirteenth annual conference of The Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum (GTNF) held last night. Below are the tweets from @thegtnf highlighting Alex’s comments as he spoke:

CASAA IN ACTION // Rebutting TV News Misinformation

This news report by FOX26 in Houston falsely claims the study “shows vaping is CAUSING asthma for kids.” As CASAA’s Kristin Noll-Marsh wrote in the comments: “That study found no such thing!”

Check out the rest of her rebuttal in the comments section on YouTube:

COMMENTARY // Dogmatism, Data, and Public Health

This may be a longer read, but it’s definitely worth your time!

“What should have been a relatively simple scientific question became transmuted into a moral campaign.”

“There is the well-known tendency among those who favor a particular hypothesis to “cherry-pick” the data.”

Sound familiar?

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RESEARCH // Still No “Gateway” To Smoking

The results of this study alleviate the concern that access to e-cigarettes and other low-risk nicotine products promote smoking. There is no sign of that, and there are some signs that they in fact compete against cigarettes…”

~ Professor Peter Hajek, Director of Health and Lifestyle Research Unit, Wolfson Institute of Population Health, Queen Mary University of London

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RESEARCH // An Asthma Study With A Timing Problem

The survey asked respondents whether they had ever used an e-cigarette, how many days during the previous 30-day period they had used one, and whether they had ever been told they had asthma by a healthcare professional.

This means that it’s entirely possible that a significant number of the respondents had asthma before they even started vaping. 🤦‍♂️

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RESEARCH // They Studied People Who Smoke, Not Vapers

Study participants smoked but had never vaped before. Both smoking & vaping delayed blood vessels from dilating back to normal (as does caffeine.) It’s long been understood that people with PREEXISTING heart conditions should avoid nicotine/caffeine.

Researchers did not appear to take into consideration that carbon monoxide, which also has been linked to atherosclerosis, is present in cigarette smoke but NOT present in e-cigarette vapor. Eliminating carbon monoxide exposure means less risk to the heart. That means SAFER than smoking!

Furthermore, in 2013 the FDA stopped requiring nicotine gum labels to advise only 12 weeks of use, because studies showed “adverse effects…were described as MINOR AND TRANSIENT, and there was NO CORRELATION between long-term gum use and cardiovascular events.” So, nicotine gum doesn’t appear to raise the risk of heart attack, but somehow nicotine vapes do? 🤔

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TOBACCO CONTROL // Misinformation From A Former Drug Czar

Unsurprisingly, a former “Drug Czar” misleads the public about a drug.

He falsely suggests that a “number of kids are dying” from disposable nicotine vapes and his warning that they “may contain the dangerous opioid fentanyl” is pure scaremongering.

But we do agree with him that the “new Texas law punishing kids who vape is too aggressive.” The law requires “students caught with vapes at the school to be placed in an alternative schooling environment, or Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP) even if it’s their FIRST OFFENSE.” Nicotine is not a controlled substance, nor is it intoxicating. Such harsh punishment should be reserved for truly dangerous behavior, not something as low risk as vaping nicotine.

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IN THE MEDIA // The “Tyranny” of Vaping?

She was “so addicted” to nicotine that she could only quit by…reading a book (which essentially promotes going “cold turkey”) and throwing away her vape. Did it ever occur to her that maybe it was so easy because she’d switched to vaping before trying to quit smoking AND she drastically cut her health risks during the process of quitting?

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IN THE MEDIA // Engineering a Snus Panic

Note how they don’t mention what the “negative impacts” of snus use are — because there really aren’t any other than possible dependency.

Mr. Murphy should be happy that, rather than smoke as he did, the current generation is choosing to not smoke.

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