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Flavor Bans Hurt Adults Who Quit Smoking, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

California Call to Action UPDATE! How flavor bans hurt adults who quit smoking. Research clearly exposes ANTZ bias. Heads Up Phoenix, AZ! Country of Myanmar unbelievably bans vaping. The likely real reason behind Louisiana’s prohibition on vaping in cars with children.

BAD PUBLIC HEALTH POLICY: “The real victims of the anti-flavor crusade are former smokers who use flavored e-cigarettes to stay away from combustible tobacco cigarettes along with current smokers who are looking for an effective way to quit smoking.”
(Update – 08.07.20)

By a vote of 10 to 2, SB 793 (Flavor ban) has passed the Asm. Health Committee and is being referred to the Asm. Appropriations Committee. A hearing is expected soon and CASAA will update this alert when details are available.

If passed by the Asm. Appropriations Committee, SB 793 will then move to a vote by the full assembly. It is vital that California residents continue to make contact with their officials.

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CA – Stop a Statewide Flavor Ban! (Updated)
EXPOSING ANTZ BIAS: How the researchers chose to view and report these results exposes their anti-vaping bias. An alternate way to interpret the results would be “Teens already using significant amounts of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs were more likely to (correctly) consider nicotine vaping to be a relatively harmless activity.” Of course, that wouldn’t serve their agenda.

News Bureau | ILLINOIS
PHOENIX, AZ: (HEADS UP!) Councilman wants to ban flavored vapor, claims they’re “dangerous” without providing any evidence to support this claim, while reporter falsely states tobacco/vaping makes people more “susceptible” to COVID-19 (a claimthat has been debunked) and doctor makes the baseless, completely unproven claim that vaping decreases defenses.

Phoenix councilman wants to ban flavored tobacco
BAD PUBLIC HEALTH POLICY: Myanmar, a country with a 35.2% male smoking rate (2016), has banned ALL vapor products and vaping, but continues to sell combustible cigarettes.

Myint U, NLD representative for Thanatpin’s Bago region, said it was a good move for public health and outright lied about the health effects.

“Smoking e-cigarettes can cause cancer, pneumonia, epilepsy and other diseases due to the use of tobacco. Hence, Myanmar should halt all the usage of e-cigarettes and its accessories like all those other nations,” he said.

Vaping in Myanmar is now illegal – but will that stop anyone? | Coconuts Yangon


LOUISIANA: (HEADS UP!) Vapers should be aware that the prohibition on vaping in cars with children under 13 years old has been officially signed into law.

While most people wouldn’t vape or smoke in a car with kids anyhow, there is no SCIENTIFIC basis to treat vapor the same as smoke. This ANTZ law is likely misrepresenting the risks just to lay groundwork justifying WORSE bans/taxes in the future. Meaning, if the general public is misled by such laws to believe that vaping is as harmful as smoking, they will be more likely to support future laws/taxes to reduce vaping. It’s a classic ANTZ tactic.

New Louisiana law makes it illegal to vape with children in a vehicle | | WVLA | WGMB