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Teen Vaping Down, Junk Science & More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Teen vaping down, but smoking on the rise. More vape junk science. Good news updates in North Dakota and California. Anti-vaping policies have unfortunate consequences. Proof adults like nostalgic, non-tobacco vape flavors.

CALL TO ACTION // North Dakota Update

SB 2190, a bill that would have banned remote sales (online or mail-order) of tobacco and vaping products failed to pass!

online vaping product sales ban

This is great news, but don’t forget there is still a Call to Action for SB 2189 Take action and contact your lawmakers now! Join and follow CASAA for Call to Action updates!


TAKE ACTION: Stop a Vapor Tax in North Dakota (SB 2189)

DO MORE: If you live in North Dakota, join the CASAA North Dakota Facebook Group


Statewide tobacco and vapor flavor ban (SB 793) will not be enforced until voters decide whether to affirm or repeal the ban next year. More than 1 million signatures had been submitted by the California Coalition for Fairness.


READ MORE: Measure to overturn ban on flavored tobacco sales qualifies…

DO MORE: If you live in California, join the CASAA California Facebook Group

RESEARCH // Exposing Junk Science

Study suggests vaping may increase COPD risk but, curiously, for all except those who currently both vape and smoke? Long list of significant “limitations” (like not knowing how long subjects vaped) makes findings essentially worthless.

READ MORE: E-Cigarette Use May Be Associated With Increased COPD Risk

OTHER RESEARCH:  COPD smokers who switched to e-cigarettes: health outcomes at 5-year follow up

RESEARCH // Exposing Research Bias

Anti-vaping groups celebrate that teen vaping was down in 2020, but worry it “remains highly prevalent.” However, they fail to mention that past 30 day cigarette and alcohol use for 12th grade increased from 5.7% to 7.5%, and 29.3% to 33.6%, respectively.

READ MORE: 2017 to 2019 Rapid Increase in Nicotine Vaping Among American Teens Slows in 2020

RESEARCH // Anxiety and Nicotine Use

We’re often lectured that we will be happier if only we were no longer “addicted” to nicotine. For those who suffer anxiety, is the alternative antidepressants, or “self-medicating” with something else, like alcohol, illicit drugs or overeating?

READ MORE: Anxiety is linked with smoking – but how is still hazy

PUBLIC HEALTH // Stop Anti-Vaping Propaganda

Analysis of 2019-2020 NYTS finds “tobacco use” declined by nearly one-third. However, anti-vaping propaganda and hysteria only succeeded in causing youth to move away from low risk vaping, while “no change in current cigarette smoking occurred.”

READ MORE: Tobacco Product Use Among Middle and High School Students — United States, 2020

PUBLIC HEALTH // Vape Ban Consequences

In India, 34.6% of adults consume tobacco with 14% smoking.

“My all-too-brief ability to choose how to consume nicotine was incredibly empowering….”

But “because of the government’s decision, I’m back to smoking every single day.”

READ MORE: I Switched From Vaping Back to Smoking, Thanks to India’s Government

ON THE LIGHTER SIDE // Adults Like Flavors

UK resident Dave Sykes, 32, creates “Big Mac” flavored e-liquid.

Would you try it??

(ANTZ should take note that he created the iconic and nostalgic flavor for HIMSELF, a fully grown adult, NOT “to hook youth.”)

READ MORE: McDonald’s fan creates Big Mac flavoured vape to satisfy craving during lockdown