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Teen Vaping Epidemic Debunked and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Dr. Brad Rodu debunks the teen vaping epidemic claims by Matt Myers of Campaign for Tobacco-free Kids. Citizen’s Synthetic Nicotine Petition. Updates and commentary on the JUUL controversy. Global Forum on Nicotine 2022 and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // National – Synthetic Nicotine Citizen’s P etition

A Citizens’ Petition on behalf of the American Vapor Manufacturers Association (AVM) has been posted to and is open NOW for comments/support!

The petition is asking FDA to do the following:

  • Use its enforcement discretion to allow the continued marketing of open system products that use synthetic nicotine for which a premarket application (PMTA) has been submitted, through July 13, 2022, and until FDA completes its scientific review; and,
  • Allow for these manufacturers to continue submitting additional data and amendments for their application.

LEAVE A COMMENT: Support a citizens’ petition to keep safer, open-system synthetic nicotine products legally available for people who smoke

CALL TO ACTION //  National – Menthol Ban

Starting on May 4, 2022, the FDA is accepting comments on two proposed rules banning the use of flavors other than tobacco in combustible tobacco products.

Whether you’re supporting the rule or opposed, one thing we can all agree on is that people who smoke need safer alternatives to cigarettes — mentholated or not!

While the FDA is moving ahead with banning more tobacco products, it is failing to authorize a meaningful variety of e-liquids and devices that are responsible for recent accelerated declines in smoking.

In addition to sharing your views on banning menthol cigarettes and other flavored combustible products, take this opportunity to urge FDA to ensure that people have access to safer forms of nicotine delivery that are enjoyable and affordable–like vaping, nicotine pouches, and smokeless tobacco products.

TAKE ACTION: FDA Menthol Ban – Submit Your Comments

TOBACCO CONTROL // Dr. Rodu Debunks Teen Vaping “Epidemic” Claims

“The teen vaping “epidemic” was never real; it was a passing fad, blown out of proportion by anti-tobacco zealots (here, here and here)…The “epidemic” may have been fake, but the concocted crisis led the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ban the sale of millions of lifesaving e-cigarettes and vaping products, the latest being JUUL.

READ MORE: Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Sustains Teen Vaping “Epidemic” By Ignoring 2021 Data

TOBACCO CONTROL // Politics Over Science?

Anti-Nicotine zealots are “deeply disappointed” that the FDA was rightly forced to base its regulatory actions on science–rather than being pressured into banning life-saving harm reduction products based on their anti-vaping hysterics, myths, personal beliefs, feelings and junk science.


COMMENTARY // Very Low Nicotine Cigarettes

Reducing the nicotine level in cigarettes sounds like a good idea, but what we know about nicotine so far argues that these theoretical low-nicotine cigarettes are not likely to be helpful to current smokers. Whether it might lessen the possibility that a new smoker continues is unknown. Putting the toothpaste back in the tube is difficult, and we should be wary of solutions that sound good but make uncertain assumptions.”

~ Chuck Dinerstein (MD, MBA) for American Council on Science and Health

READ MORE: Let’s Talk About Nicotine

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // Global Forum on Nicotine 2022

For THR proponents in many countries who find themselves on the defensive, combating stigma and misinformation, GFN was a welcome opportunity for solidarity and strategizing. ~ Alex Norcia for Filter Magazine

READ MORE: Global Forum on Nicotine Seeks to Accelerate Harm Reduction for All

CASAA IN ACTION // Regulator Watch

Don’t miss CASAA CEO Alex Clark’s (@Hello_Alex) appearance on RegWatch+ “for a deep dive into the impact of FDA’s Juul ban and to discuss how the War on Vaping harms consumers.”

REGULATION // Hawaii Flavor Ban Vetoed by Governor

Hawaii’s Governor Ige will veto the flavor ban bill. Unfortunately, it’s not because he recognizes the life-saving potential of vapor products, but because it wouldn’t have banned MORE products (incl. those authorized by FDA as beneficial to public health.)

READ MORE: Governor Ige Likely to Veto Flavored Vape Ban

FACT CHECK // EVALI Misinformation

Fact-checking fact checker Vanessa Ruffes (WCNC) who deemed the “claim” that tainted, illicit THC was the sole cause of EVALI is “FALSE” because:

— Some patients reported they didn’t use THC vapes

— CDC “could not absolve other vaping substances”


1) Outbreak quickly ended after vitamin E acetate was identified

2) EVALI mainly in states where THC is illegal–likely caused reluctance to admit use

3) EVALI absent in other countries

4) Millions using the same nicotine products as those who had EVALI without issue

5) THC was found in the blood of many patients claiming no THC use

6) Unlike THC vapes, no nicotine products were found to be contaminated with anything

6) “Still not safe” doesn’t mean “caused EVALI”

7) FDA reported vitamin E acetate “STRONGLY” linked to EVALI

READ MORE: VERIFY: Health officials have documented nicotine vaping-related illnesses

JUUL CONTROVERSY // The Attack on JUUL is a Scandal

“If the FDA’s so-called health standards include things like preventing lung cancer, why on earth are they targeting the devices widely known to be 95% safer (or more) than actual cigarettes?

…It’s only a matter of time before we see a good old-fashioned pack of Marlboros marketed by our trusted government as “a naturally-sourced, plant-based alternative to vaping.”

READ MORE: The Attack on JUUL is a Scandal

JUUL CONTROVERSY // Role of Vaping in a World of Tobacco

Lynn Kozlowski of the University at Buffalo has been studying nicotine and cigarette addiction for decades. He explains how the recent fight over Juul products fits into the larger discussion of e-cigarettes, tobacco use and public health among adults and teens.

“While products like Juul deserve study and regulation, it is important to keep in mind the proven deadliness and easy availability of cigarettes – both to adults today and to the many teens who start smoking every year and will become adult smokers.”

READ MORE: The FDA and Juul are fighting over a vape ban, but the role of e-cigarettes in the world of tobacco abuse is not clear-cut

JUUL CONTROVERSY // The FDA is waging an irrational war against nicotine, vaping

“There are millions of Americans who have quit smoking using vaping devices bought in stores. They have sought to improve their health and prolong their lives by practicing harm reduction. They should be commended rather than condemned. And the FDA should put its irrationality aside and let consumers choose a healthier future.”

READ MORE: The FDA is waging an irrational war against nicotine, vaping

JUUL CONTROVERSY // FDA Chaos: Agency Reverses Itself, Grants Juul a Stay

By CASAA’s Jim McDonald for Vaping360

“The FDA has backed down from its decision to order all Juul products off the market, issuing an administrative stay last night that puts the previous order on hold. The agency announced on Twitter it “has determined that there are scientific issues unique to the JUUL application that warrant additional review.”

READ MORE: FDA Chaos: Agency Reverses Itself, Grants Juul a Stay

RESEARCH // Vaping and Prediabetes

Weak study (using unreliable cross-sectional and unverified self-reported data) claims “association” between vaping and prediabetes. Curiously, never-smoked vapers had a higher rate (OR 1.54) than those still smoking (OR 1.14). Studies have found smoking alone has a significantly increased incidence of diabetes (OR 2.66).

READ MORE: The Association Between E-Cigarette Use and Prediabetes: Results From the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2016–2018 

REGULATION // FDA’s Inconsistent and Contradictory Actions

The mind-boggling contradictions of the FDA regarding tobacco and vaping regulation:

“FDA has rejected millions of applications for vaping products in nontobacco flavors, including menthol. Yet its cost-benefit analysis of the proposed ban on menthol cigarettes assumes the availability of e-cigarette alternatives.” ~ Jacob Sullum

READ MORE: The FDA’s policies would boost the black market and smoking-related deaths

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On this week’s Twitter Space we spoke with attorney Azim Chowdhury (@ECIGattorneyabout vape regulations, FDA, and what’s been happening in the courts. Listen to the replay now!



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