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Thank You, Greg Conley and AVA!

CASAA would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to the Board of Directors at the American Vaping Association (AVA) and AVA President, Gregory Conley, for your years of leadership and support. CASAA is grateful for your donation and we look forward to continuing working with you and the American Vapor Manufacturers (AVM). AVA’s donation will help CASAA continue its work elevating the voices of nicotine consumers and pushing back against an unrelenting tide of overreaching and emotional regulation.


CASAA Thanks Greg Conley and AVACASAA CEO Alex Clark (left) with Greg Conley (right) working together on the Right to Vape Tour bus in 2016.


While the dissolution of the AVA may mark the end of an era, the work of standing up for people who choose safer alternatives to cigarettes goes on. Since AVA’s inception in 2014 a steady flow of data and science is confirming what we all have experienced: Switching to vaping (or another smoke-free product) from smoking can save your life! Over the same time period, organizations seeking to eradicate tobacco use continue digging in their heels, misrepresenting data, and moving goal posts. Throughout this avoidable public health disaster, Greg and the AVA have skillfully represented the independent vapor industry and people who support it in front of lawmakers, regulators, and even in the face of hostile news personalities.

The advocacy landscape around tobacco harm reduction is evolving. As the AVA’s operations come to a close, there are other organizations joining our cause. We are all eager to hear from new voices as well as from established organizations that recognize this issue as part of their existing work. Just as important, we welcome participation from those who are changing their minds and acknowledging the legitimacy of our humble consumer-led revolt.

Thank you, Gregory, and the AVA Board for all that you do.