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Vaping Flavor Ban Put On Hold and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Washington County, OR. vaping flavor ban put on hold. Calls to Action for Maine, Washington State and Alaska. Heads up Hawaii. Commentary from Clive Bates. Another vape study and more!

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casaa cta flavor ban

LD 1693, a bill aspiring to advance health equity, also contains a ban on sales of any flavored tobacco and vapor products–many of which are helping adults quit smoking!

Due to the weather, the hearing has been rescheduled for Wednesday, Feb 9th at 10:00 AM!

TAKE ACTION: Maine – Stop a Flavor Ban!

CALL TO ACTION // Washington State

SB 5768 would grant Secretary of Health broad authority to ban flavors, establish a nicotine cap and much more. All without ensuring public debate about potentially harmful regulations. Public hearing Jan. 31 at 1:30 PM!

TAKE ACTION: Washington-Stop Unelected Health Officials From Banning Flavored Vapor Products

CALL TO ACTION // Portland, Maine

The Portland City Council is moving forward with a proposal to ban the sale of all flavored vapor and tobacco products. First Reading of this ordinance took place on Wednesday, January 19!

TAKE ACTION: Portland, Maine: Stop a Flavor Ban


CALL TO ACTION // Washington State

If enacted, HB 1676 would impose one of, if not the highest retail taxes on vapor products in the country. A 33% tax would be paid on hardware, tanks, coils, batteries, and e-liquid. Take action NOW!

TAKE ACTION: Washington State Stop a Tax Hike on Vapor Products

SB 45 would impose a 75% wholesale tax on vapor products (devices and liquids).
This bill has been referred to the Senate Committee on Finance and was scheduled for a public hearing on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 at 1:00PM!
UPDATE // Washington County, Oregon
The flavor ban in Washington County, OR has been suspended after verification that a petition had surpassed the required number of signatures to send the matter to voters at the May 2022 election!
HEADS UP // Hawaii

SB 3118 would ban all vape flavors except “tobacco” flavor (which these bans never describe) and prohibits labeling nicotine e-liquids as “nicotine-free” (we’re not sure why they think companies would waste profits by adding nicotine to e-liquid when they don’t have to.)

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latest research on vaping gateway smoking
RESEARCH // Toxic Metals

Once again a study reports finding “metals,” but fails to compare the levels found to cigarette smoke–which would be the alternative exposure for the vast majority of adult vapers who switched from smoking. Maybe they should try researching the definition of “significantly safer” vs. “safe”?

READ MORE: E-cigarettes expose users to toxic metals such as arsenic, lead


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COMMENTARY // War on Addiction

We have long wielded the concept of addiction as a weapon, using it to wage war—not just ‘on drugs’ but also on people who use drugs.”
~Carl Erik Fisher in ‘The Urge: Our History of Addiction’

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COMMENTARY // Prohibition Fails

A prohibition does not make a product disappear, even if that’s what politicians and policymakers would like. Instead, a prohibition is a perturbation of a dynamic market: a disruption that reconfigures the behavior of suppliers and consumers, changing who supplies the product, what products are available and under what terms.”
~ Clive Bates

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IN THE NEWS // Tobacco Control

Reminiscent of Dark Age superstitions & modern conspiracy theories, scientists at Vectura–who have spent years producing drugs treating asthma & COPD–are essentially being “excommunicated” by “scientific” medical societies. Guilty only by association.

READ MORE: Tobacco publishing ban for researchers at industry-owned firms

IN THE NEWS // FDA Lawsuits

Breaking News! The 11th Circuit US Court of Appeals has agreed to stay enforcement of FDA marketing denial orders (MDO) for four more vapor product companies. We will keep you updated as we learn more!


IN THE NEWS // Senator Dick Durbin

Senator Durbin is once again caught lying about vaping. JUUL stopped selling its so-called “kid-friendly” flavors (cucumber, creme, mint and mango) way back in 2018 and no “Big Tobacco” company ever sold “candy” flavors, yet Senator Durbin still falsely claims they “target American children.”

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