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Vaping Regulation Consequences and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Arbitrary UK vaping regulations have predictable consequences. Popular vape advocate forced to close her store. Heads up Florida and Minnesota. Updates for Fresno, CA and Washington County, OR. New research supports benefits of smoke-free alternatives and more!

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casaa cta flavor ban
CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Portland, Maine Flavor Ban

A 3-0 vote by the committee has moved the proposal to consideration by the full council. The council likely will vote on it late next month or early next year. If it passes, it probably would go into effect in June. See link for more info and TAKE ACTION!

TAKE ACTION: Portland, Maine – Stop a Flavor Ban!

CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Tempe, Arizona Flavor Ban

Tempe City Council is moving forward with a ban on flavored tobacco/nicotine products (including synthetic). Staff are being directed to research the proposal further, so it will likely come back up in early 2022. Stay alert!

TAKE ACTION: Tempe, AZ – Stop a Flavor Ban!

HEADS UP! // Minnesota

Arguing for a statewide vaping flavor ban, president of the Association for Nonsmokers-MN cluelessly claims that “You don’t find some 50-year-old guy going out and buying ‘Unicorn Juice’ to vape. That’s not the target audience.”

READ MORE: New Local Ordinances, Push for Statewide Tobacco Restrictions in MN

HEADS UP! // Florida

SB224/HB105–bills reportedly being passed to prevent littering of cigarette butts–inexplicably does NOT prevent “the adoption of municipal or county ordinances that impose more restrictive regulation” on smoke- and butt-free vaping.

READ MORE: Bill to allow smoking ban at Florida beaches, parks gains support

REGULATION // Setting Arbitrary Limits

A law prohibiting higher nicotine levels and tank/pod capacity–despite consumer demand–has predictably resulted in rampant noncompliance. A consequence that other countries should seriously consider before following suit.

READ MORE: Investigation reveals scale of illegal vaping problem in Liverpool

REGULATION // Dire Consequences: A Vape Shop Owner’s Heartbreaking Story

It’s never been about an income. It’s always been about helping people….We always catered to the low-income, the disabled and the elderly…”
~ Skip Murray, Owner and Advocate

READ MORE: Popular Advocate Forced to Close Her Small-Town Vape Shop

UPDATE // Fresno, CA

“All of our folks who live in multi-family housing have the right to a healthy lifestyle,” said council vice president, Nelson Esparza.

Clearly that “right” doesn’t include folks who have quit smoking with low risk vapor products.

READ MORE: Smoking is now illegal in Fresno apartments under new law

UPDATE // Washington County, Oregon

A flavor ban took effect Jan. 1st, putting local shops out of business. Some are fighting back with a petition to put the ban to voters, but they need more signatures.

READ MORE: Washington County’s flavored tobacco ban will be enforced starting Jan. 1

RESEARCH // Smoke-free Tobacco

Study finds that “despite having higher levels of nicotine,” exclusive smoke-free tobacco users had “significantly lower concentrations of inflammation and oxidative stress biomarkers…similar to those of ‘never’ smokers.”

Past studies have found that smoking actually carries a higher risk of head and neck (oral) cancers than smoke-free tobacco. With this new study, the claim that smoke-free tobacco is overall a reduced risk alternative to smoking has even stronger support.

READ MORE: Ditching cigarettes for smokeless tobacco can help cut cardiovascular risks, study finds

RESEARCH // Menthol Ban

Study co-author proclaims the menthol flavor ban “effectively reduces both menthol and overall cigarette sales,” but his study had a huge limitation: “cross-border or online cigarette sales in Massachusetts were not accounted for.” Additionally, non-flavored cigarette sales increased disproportionately compared to the other states after the ban.

READ MORE: Massachusetts menthol ban brings drop in cigarette sales, study finds

IN THE NEWS // China Goes After Vapor Products

Chinese vapers and industry face a possible flavor ban, looming taxes and PR campaigns claiming second-hand vapor “is as harmful as second-hand smoke.”

READ MORE: China Mulls a Ban on Flavored Vape Juice With New Draft Bill


“With thin evidence of Califf’s intentions for an agency that has never made tobacco control a massive priority, industry insiders, experts and harm reductionists are left with the difficult task of guessing what he might do.”

READ MORE: Will Biden’s FDA Commissioner Pick Continue the War on Vaping?

HARM REDUCTION // Changing Expectations

This person’s story demonstrates that millions of people who still smoke deserve to know the truth: that being “stuck on [vaping] as a harm-reduction method, not a step towards kicking the habit” is NOT a failing.

READ MORE: Can’t quit, won’t quit: confessions of a die-hard smoker.

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