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Vaping Still More Effective Than NRT and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Cochrane Review again finds vaping is more effective than NRT. Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids wants states to show them the money. New York Health Dept. has unrealistic goals. Altoona prevention specialist believes 50-year-old who smokes wouldn’t want flavors. Heat-not-burn destroying cigarette sales in Japan. Calls to Action and more!

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Comparing “oranges to oranges” (in this case milligrams of nicotine in vapes vs cigarettes,) if HR 5715 is enacted, vapes would be taxed at a rate approximately 5X higher than cigarettes! Vaping consumers will be paying up to 6¢/mg of nicotine compared to 1.1¢/mg in cigarettes.

The tax hike is just as bad, if not worse, for nicotine pouches, snus, and moist snuff — all reduced risk products compared to cigarettes!

TAKE ACTION: Fight a National Vapor Tax!


STOP an onslaught of anti-vaping bills!

Lawmakers in Michigan are once again throwing everything and the kitchen sink into a raft of anti-vaping bills aiming to reduce everyone’s access to these life-saving products! These bills include everything from a flavor ban and tax hikes to repealing state preemption of local tobacco retailer laws.

TAKE ACTION: Michigan: Stop a Slew of Anti-Vaping Laws


These so-called “PMTA Registry Bills” are currently making their way around the U.S. They make it far more difficult for companies awaiting PMTA to sell life-saving products and ban thousands of products popular with adults.



Over the past 18 months, at least 26 municipalities in Ohio have enacted or started considering ordinances that would prohibit safer nicotine products in non-tobacco flavors. See our Call to Action to see what Ohioan advocates can do!👇



Nicotine e-cigarettes are more effective in helping people quit smoking than conventional nicotine-replacement therapy
Once again, nicotine vaping products have been found to be more effective in helping people quit smoking than conventional nicotine-replacement therapy (NRT), according to the latest Cochrane review, and this time it was co-led by University of Massachusetts Amherst public health and health policy researcher, Jaime Hartmann-Boyce.


READ MORE: Nicotine e-cigarettes are more effective in helping people quit smoking than conventional nicotine-replacement therapy


Nicotine Study Shows Mind’s Power When It Comes to Drugs
How “addictive” is nicotine? This study says it may depend a lot on what you BELIEVE.

This makes us wonder how many people gave up on trying to quit smoking because they’ve been lied to for decades that nicotine is “as addictive as cocaine or heroin, maybe more.”

READ MORE: Nicotine Study Shows Mind’s Power When It Comes to Drugs


Real-world Flavor Ban Survey Disproves Positive Results Predicted by Hypothetical Flavor Bans 
Flavor bans are often based on “hypothetical ban” surveys showing positive results (ie. people SAY they’d to quit if there was a ban,) but this survey comparing hypothetical bans to real bans shows those aren’t translating into real world results. Exclusive vapers were over 2x more likely to switch to smoking than quit everything – the exact opposite of the intended effect of banning flavors!

READ MORE: Responses to real-world and hypothetical e-cigarette flavor bans among US young adults who use flavored e-cigarettes


Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust seeks to lift veil on vaping dangers

A new anti-vaping campaign reportedly will tell youth that vaping “can mutate DNA and cause cancer,” even though there is no scientific evidence that vaping actually causes cancer.

The unspoken yet deadly message here?

“You may as well keep smoking.”

READ MORE: Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust seeks to lift veil on vaping dangers


Does vaping cause lung cancer? (They say they “don’t know” yet.)

This article by the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center starts out relatively balanced as far as most “But We Don’t Know” vaping articles go, then quickly deteriorates into dangerous misinformation about EVALI, popcorn lung and “gateway to smoking.” Incredibly deceiving was the implication that combustible cigarettes are somehow better “regulated” by FDA when most brands were grandfathered out of the PMTA requirements.

READ MORE: Does vaping cause lung cancer?


Underage Sales Do Not Accurately Reflect Underage USE

Wisconsin vapers should pay attention to “health officials raising concern” (ie. whipping up hysteria) about #vaping by misrepresenting facts.

Youth smoking in Wisconsin is at “all-time low,” vaping is down nearly 50% since 2018 and “overall tobacco use is down,” so clearly these underage sales stats do not reflect youth use.

READ MORE: Underage tobacco use up in Wisconsin


Is Vaping Worse Than Smoking? Only If You Ignore Science

Without citing any evidence, Dr. Thau of Hartford HealthCare in Connecticut ridiculously claims “vaping is similar to inhaling an acetylene welding torch,” then he misleads readers by conflating lung injuries from vitamin E acetate in illicit THC vapes with nicotine vapes.


READ MORE: Is Vaping Worse Than Smoking?


Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Just Want More Money

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids acts surprised that the lawsuits they supported to “punish” Juul and use for prevention/cessation were really just a $1.1+ billion cash grab for government special interests and budgets. Why the surprise? It’s no different than the MSA payments!

READ MORE: Broken Promises to Our Children


New York State Department of Health Launches Effort to Reduce Vaping Among Youth

The New York Health Dept says it “remains dedicated to ending the use of e-cigarettes among all young people,” which they know is unrealistic. The Healthy People 2030 smoking goal was 5% and that has been exceeded for New York youth at just 2.1%. Their own chart shows that youth vaping and smoking combined is already lower than smoking was in 2000 and use of all other tobacco products is also at a record low!

READ MORE: New York State Department of Health Launches Effort to Reduce Vaping Among Youth


Smoking Facts and Vaping Lies from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

“We had all of the science brought together to document the ill health that is caused from tobacco smoke, from tobacco products, and specifically from smoking….

It [vaping] is incredibly damaging to brain development. So kids should not be vaping. The science is very clear on that, and there’s no ambiguity about that whatsoever.”

~ Yolonda Richardson, President and CEO of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

No one wants kids vaping (or smoking,) but kids love to rebel. However, as you said, it’s smoking that causes the “ills” and vaping is not smoking, Ms. Richardson! Also, a few rat studies without any follow-up of real-world evidence in humans is not “clear science!”



Clueless in Altoona

“I don’t personally believe that (a) 50-year-old who smokes Marlboro Reds is looking for a device that’s mango-flavored to help them quit smoking.” ~ Michaela Benson, Prevention Specialist

Except CASAA has thousands of testimonials from older adults who quit smoking that prove her belief wrong.



Twisting The Truth

When an official says “A greater percentage of youth vape than adults,” they’re misleading the public to perpetuate fear of a non-existent “vaping epidemic” and devalue adult needs.

Adult vaping: 4.5% = 11.1 million

Youth vaping: 7.7% = 2.1 million

Adult combustible use: 11.5% = 35.6 million

Youth combustible use: 3.4% = 920k


Supreme Court Declines to Hear California Flavor Ban Appeal

The Supreme Court has declined to hear a case challenging California’s voter-approved tobacco/vape flavor ban. After losing in the district court and an appeal rejected by the Ninth Circuit, this inaction ends Reynolds’ hopes of reversing those decisions.

CASAA director Jim McDonald reporting for Vaping360.

READ MORE: Supreme Court Declines to Hear California Flavor Ban Appeal


It’s Not a Cigarette. It’s Not a Vape. And It’s Big in Japan.

Japan’s decline in cigarette sales accelerated massively with the introduction of heated tobacco products — a huge success largely ignored by the world.

“Harm reduction is a difficult case to make in a field as ideologically driven as tobacco control.”

READ MORE: It’s Not a Cigarette. It’s Not a Vape. And It’s Big in Japan.


Lindsey Stroud, author, Director of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance Consumer Center and Visiting Fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum, joins CASAA CEO Alex Clark and CASAA Member Coordinator Kristin Noll-Marsh for Part 2 of a two-part series breaking down vaping by the numbers! In this episode, she counters claims that more youth vape than adults, that vaping doesn’t help adults quit smoking and that flavor bans are good for public health.

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