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Vaping Switch Benefits Heart and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

New research shows switching to vaping benefits heart. Heads up Multnomah, OR! FDA warns company about selling defunct product. Additional proof bans don’t work and more!

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CALL TO ACTION //  National – Menthol Ban

Starting on May 4, 2022, the FDA is accepting comments on two proposed rules banning the use of flavors other than tobacco in combustible tobacco products.

Whether you’re supporting the rule or opposed, one thing we can all agree on is that people who smoke need safer alternatives to cigarettes — mentholated or not!

While the FDA is moving ahead with banning more tobacco products, it is failing to authorize a meaningful variety of e-liquids and devices that are responsible for recent accelerated declines in smoking.

In addition to sharing your views on banning menthol cigarettes and other flavored combustible products, take this opportunity to urge FDA to ensure that people have access to safer forms of nicotine delivery that are enjoyable and affordable–like vaping, nicotine pouches, and smokeless tobacco products.

TAKE ACTION: FDA Menthol Ban – Submit Your Comments


Health officials are apparently eager to repeat Nixon’s failed War on Drugs and–like Nixon–are using false pretenses to do it. Flavor bans won’t protect ANY children. They’ll just keep people of all ages SMOKING. (Note: Watch for future updates on citizen input opportunities!)

READ MORE: Multnomah County Renews Effort to Ban Flavored Nicotine Products

RESEARCH // Smoking Cessation

New study finds that “initiating e-cigarette use to reduce cigarette consumption resulted in reduced cigarette dependence and low e-cigarette dependence,” suggesting that lawmakers’ and anti-harm reduction groups’ demands for flavor and synthetic nicotine bans to “prevent a new generation of nicotine addicts” are not only premature, but definitely not science-based.

READ MORE: E-cigarette use to reduce cigarette smoking may not increase nicotine dependence

RESEARCH // Bans Don’t Work

New research confirms FDA’s focus on banning “flavored vaping products by well-known mass-market brands like Juul and Vuse—and open-system products sold in vape shops and online—has simply created a parallel gray market of little-known disposable brands.”

Reported for Vaping360 by CASAA director Jim McDonald.

READ MORE: Disposables: The $2 Billion U.S. Vape Market Ignored by FDA

RESEARCH // Vaping Switch Benefits Heart

Vaping researcher and expert Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos tweeted that this is yet another study that “clearly shows the potential cardiovascular benefits of quitting smoking with e-cigarettes. Significant improvement in arterial function, a major prognostic indicator for future cardiovascular disease, was observed.”

READ MORE: Medium- and longer-term cardiovascular effects of e-cigarettes in adults making a stop-smoking attempt: a randomized controlled trial

TESTIMONIALS // Anecdote # 13,479

Natalie’s story is not only another example of “accidental quitting,” but also shows how vaping can help adults break smoking habits without increasing nicotine dependency!

What’s YOUR real story? Submit your testimonial today!

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ADVOCACY // Strength in Numbers

Grassroots power is in the membership numbers. If you don’t have money, you need numbers.

Safer nicotine consumers, shops & companies, please spread the word. Tell your friends, family & customers to join CASAA and give consumers the power to be heard!

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TOBACCO CONTROL // Warning Against Safer Alternatives

The EU and Asia still have some of the world’s highest smoking rates, but anti-harm reduction folks are “warning” them about disruptive, low risk alternatives that replace smoking. If female and new nicotine users can’t buy safer products, what do the anti-harm reduction folks think they’ll buy instead?🤷‍♂️

TOBACCO CONTROL // Continuing Misinformation

Despite declining youth vaping, “experts” in Utah continue to misinform the public. In this case, an educator claiming that vaping “is the same as smoking” and a pulmonary specialist surprised vaping is down because “she keeps seeing patients with EVALI.”

READ MORE: New data shows fewer Utah teens are vaping

REGULATION // Creating Illicit Markets

When a lucrative illicit market quickly appears after you’ve created a law, you have to ask yourself if that law was such a good idea in the first place. Especially when the products you’ve banned actually could be saving lives…

READ MORE: £40,000 of illicit vape products seized in West Yorkshire

FDA // Exercise in Futility

The ALREADY DISCONTINUED gummies contained far less nicotine than FDA-approved gum/lozenges, but Comm’r Califf still called the product a “public health crisis waiting to happen” in a self-congratulatory tweet about the warning FDA sent to the company.

Reported for Vaping360 by CASAA director Jim McDonald.

READ MORE: FDA Deals Death Blow to the Nicotine Gummy Market

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CASAA Live is proud to present this replay of our conversation with Dr. Marewa Glover, director of the Centre of Research Excellence in New Zealand. She is a behavioral scientist with over 30 years of experience in public health and over 100 scientific papers. Dr. Glover is well known for her compassionate insight, advocacy on tobacco harm reduction for people who smoke and–despite the great risk to her career and reputation–calling out Tobacco Control for its harmful policies and priorities.

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