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Vaping Testimonials Versus Scaremongering and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Latest vaping testimonial. Researcher Dr. Cheryl Olson will be our guest on CASAA Live this Saturday. Calls to Action in Iowa, Colorado and Alaska. American Cancer Society scaremongering. How to spot vaping junk science and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // Colorado

HB 22-1064–a flavored nicotine/tobacco product ban–is scheduled for a hearing on MARCH 16th. Please take a moment to make contact with your lawmakers and urge them to oppose this bill and join CASAA to get email alerts!

TAKE ACTION: Colorado – Stop a Flavor Ban!


HF 2523, formerly known as HF 98, has been introduced and assigned to the House Ways and Means Committee. This bill would impose a 22% excise tax on safer nicotine products like vapor and nicotine pouches.

TAKE ACTION:  Iowa – Stop a Vapor Tax!


City Council unanimously passed FIRST reading to ban sale of flavored “tobacco,” but the REAL target is made clear in celebratory tweets by anti-vaping organizations.

The next meeting for the ordinance’s passage will be March 15!

READ MORE: Santa Ana, California Moves Forward with Flavor Ban


HB110/SB45 would impose a whopping 75% tax on nicotine vape products–including components–which would discourage adults who smoke from switching to these safer alternatives!

Watch for the CASAA Call to Action coming out very soon!

READ MORE: Poor Tax Design in Alaska Vapor Tax Proposal

UPDATES // Monterey County

After Michelle House, the health program coordinator within the county’s health department, told them that county health officials believed that 👉FDA👈 modified risk designation was just an “attempt to undermine government regulation 🤨 by utilizing (tobacco products) as harm reduction,” the Monterey County Board of Supervisors unanimously votes to include them in flavor & single use vapes ban.

READ MORE: Monterey Co. set to ban flavored tobacco

TOBACCO CONTROL // Smokeless Scaremongering

“By bringing our taxes on smokeless tobacco more in line with Saskatchewan, we will see more product purchased here, and a reduction in black market activity.”

Ignore ACS scaremongering. Smoke-free is MUCH safer than smoking. Lives saved is a WIN!

READ MORE: The Truth About Smoke-free Tobacco

READ MORE: Cancer society says Alberta chewing tobacco tax reduction ‘lose-lose’

TOBACCO CONTROL // Prohibition in Prison

Prohibition doesn’t even work in prisons, so…🤔🤔🤔

TOBACCO CONTROL // Out of Control

We reported last week that a Wisconsin DA was looking into a school that heinously “strip-searched” students for vapor products. The DA initially declined to issue charges, however, he has now reopened the case after widespread outrage over the incident.

READ MORE: Felony Charges for School Official Who Searched Girls for Vapes

TOBACCO CONTROL // Misleading the Public. Again.

Indiana Bill SB382 lowers tax only on closed system vapor products that have helped millions of adults quit smoking from 25% to 15%, but if you were listening to the local news and the American Cancer Society, we wouldn’t blame you if you might have ended up thinking they were slashing taxes on cigarettes.

TOBACCO CONTROL // Califf Quickly Targets Flavors

Dr. Robert Califf, the new commissioner of the FDA, announced on Twitter that the public should expect to see the specifics of a federal menthol cigarette and flavored cigar ban by spring.

READ MORE: The Federal Menthol Cigarette Ban Is Slowly Moving Forward

TOBACCO CONTROL // Synthetic Nicotine No Longer Under The Radar

READ MORE: Three States Have Bills to Ban Synthetic Nicotine by Stealth

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // New Zealand Sees Historic Smoking Decline

Increase in NZ teen vaping has had the horrific effect of…record low teen smoking rates. Let’s hope the Government’s recently introduced vaping regulations to “protect teenagers” doesn’t just push them back to smoking.

READ MORE: Teen smoking rates fall to all time low, vaping increases

IN THE NEWS // Anti-trust Lawsuit

A judge has ruled that antitrust laws were not violated when Altria Group bought a 35 percent share in Juul Labs in 2018. The decision dismisses claims by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that Altria and Juul engaged in anticompetitive practices.

READ MORE: Rules in Favor of Altria and Juul in Antitrust Case

COMMENTARY // Public Perception

The industry’s best hope for correcting nicotine misperceptions likely comes from indirect public education, through health professionals and consumer advocacy organizations.”
~ @Dr. Cheryl Olson


READ MORE: Watch Your Mouth

COMMENTARY // Bloomberg’s Latest Hypocrisy

But there’s a stunning disconnect regarding Mike Bloomberg’s support for harm reduction to fight the opioid epidemic and his approach to smoking cessation. He and his organizations completely reject the logic of harm reduction when it comes to tobacco.”

~Guy Bentley

READ MORE: Bloomberg’s huge harm-reduction hypocrisy: Compare his approach to narcotics and cigarettes

RESEARCH // Old Claim, New Study

Regarding the new study making the news that vaping 1) may damage nasal tissue if exhaled frequently through the nose and 2) has “higher levels of nicotine, carbon monoxide and other toxic chemicals” than cigarettes is 1) old news and 2) an outright lie. This article from way back in 2016 explains it without the fearmongering:

Do you vape? Don’t blow it through your nose

READ MORE: Do you vape? Don’t blow it through your nose

RESEARCH // What Teens Are Really Vaping

Study finds majority of teens and young adults 15-24 who vape are vaping THC, not nicotine. Why all the confusion about what teens vape? Well, the fact that even this article and study continue to call THC vapes “e-cigarettes” might be their first clue.

READ MORE: Majority of young adults and adolescents in the United States are using cannabis instead of nicotine, study shows

RESEARCH // How to Spot Vape Junk Science

Some weasel words indicating you may be reading vape junk science (all found in this study):
“Lack of medical confirmation”
“Authors do not have information on”
“Misinformation bias”
“Causal relationship cannot be inferred”
“Recall bias”

Also, see Table 2 below:
Never Vaper 10.9%
Never Smoker 9.3%
Current Vaper 9.0%
Sole Vaper (never smoked) 5.9%

Current & sole vapers had lower prevalence for prediabetes until the researchers created their “fully adjusted model” and suddenly Sole Vapers had highest prevalence?🤔

READ MORE: Evidence links e-cigarette use with increased odds of prediabetes

STUDY LINK: The Association Between E-Cigarette Use and Prediabetes: Results From the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2016–2018


Anecdote #13,415

Our latest testimonial is from James, a 59-year-old from Australia who quit after smoking for over 40 YEARS “literally overnight” by switching to vaping!

What’s YOUR real story? Submit your testimonial today!

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On this week’s CASAA Live, our special guest is Dr. Cheryl Olson. You may recognize her name from the article is quoted above, “Watch Your Mouth.” Dr. Olson is a public health researcher who specializes in behavioral health issues and consults on tobacco product behaviors.

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