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Connecticut – Stop a Flavor Ban! [ENDED]

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02.01.23 – Public Hearing, 11:00 AM, Joint Cmte. on Public Health, Rm. 2B, Legislative Office Building (LOB) and via ZOOM.

HB 6488 would ban the sale of nicotine and tobacco products in flavors other than tobacco or menthol. This includes banning flavored products such as Swedish snus in flavors like mint and wintergreen that have received a “modified risk” designation from the FDA. If enacted, HB 6488 would take effect on October 1, 2023

Prior to any public hearings on this bill, please take a moment to make contact with your lawmakers and urge them to oppose this bill. Written testimony on this bill is only accepted when a hearing is scheduled, so if you haven’t already, join CASAA to get email alerts as HB 6488 moves through the legislative process.

  • Urge committee members to oppose the flavor ban bill which would restrict your ability to use low-risk alternatives to smoking and send people back to smoking or to buy their vapor products from informal sources.
  • Briefly, share your story about switching to vaping and what role that flavors play in helping you live smoke free.
  • Note any health changes you’ve experienced.
  • Briefly, discuss what losing access to a local supply of vapor products will mean for you (Will you shop out-of-state, in neighboring cities, or online? Will you make your own e-liquid at home or purchase products on an underground market?).
  • Be brief, Be kind, and Say Thank You 🙂

Agenda - 02.01.23

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Bill Page - HB 6488

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