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Texas – Bills We’re Watching (2021)

current status


1st chamber

2nd chamber

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HB 1255 and HB 1523 (Companion Bill: SB 216):

  • This legislation proposes to tax smoke-free vapor products at the same rate as cigarettes.
HB 211
  • This bill would impose a 5c/mL tax on e-liquid with nicotine.
  • HEARING SCHEDULED: Monday, April 12, 10:00 AM H. Ways & Means Committee
  • Submit Your Opposition to This Tax! – TX – House Public Comment Form (in the first line of your comment, include the bill number (HB211) and that you are opposed to the extra tax).

SB 440

  • This bill would ban the sale of vapor products in flavors other than tobacco, including mint and menthol.
  • SB 440 provides an exemption for shisha (hookah).

SB 836 (HB 3842)

  • Would ban the sale of any flavor other than tobacco for all vapor and tobacco products.
  • 03/11/21 – Read first time and referred to State Affairs Committee.

CASAA is monitoring the bills listed above and will update this post when actions such as committee hearings and votes are scheduled.

Make sure you are opted in to receive alerts from CASAA so you can take action when these bills start to move.

SB 216 - Read Full Bill Text
(Taxes - same as HB 1255 & HB 1523)

SB 211 - Read Full Bill Text
Hearing Scheduled Apr. 12

SB 440 - Read Full Bill Text
(Flavor Ban)

SB 863 - Read Full Bill Text
(Flavor Ban)


Share your opposition to HB 211 by filling out the House Public Comment Form.

  • Comments should begin with “I am writing in opposition to HB 211.” 
  • Briefly, share your story. (There is a 3000 character limit, but that’s still plenty of room to share your experience with quitting or reducing smoking by switching to vaping.)

When you’re finished sharing your opposition to extra taxes with the committee, remember to follow up with your officials by sending them a copy of your comment.

You can use the Lookup tool below to find your officials and send them a message urging them to oppose overregulation of safer alternatives to smoking.


Even if no committee hearings are currently scheduled for all of the bills listed here, it is always a good time to make contact with your officials and share your concerns.