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CASAA Board of Directors News

logan evans casaaCASAA is pleased to announce that Logan Evans has joined our Board of Directors. Logan is a familiar face in our community, hosting the popular “Rise and Vape” podcast and active on social media advocating for harm reduction and de-stigmatization. He brings to the Board a passion for harm reduction, a commitment to bodily autonomy, an impressive background in audiovisual production, and incredible enthusiasm. For the past several weeks, he has also been producing and revitalizing CASAA’s advocacy updates podcast, co-hosting with CASAA CEO Alex Clark. We’re grateful to have him as a part of our leadership team.

danielle jones casaaWe are also happy to announce that Danielle Jones has been elected to serve as President of the Board of Directors. While Danielle’s skills as a graphic designer have been incredibly helpful to CASAA, including her graphics for the new CASAA website and many of the clever designs available in CASAA’s online store, it is her passion and her leadership that makes her such an invaluable part of the CASAA leadership team.

bruce nye casaaFinally, we want to thank Bruce Nye, who resigned from the Board of Directors this year, for his work on behalf of consumers and for volunteering his time and talents to our organization. Bruce has been an integral part of CASAA for many years now, and we expect that as time permits, he’ll still be busy fighting for tobacco harm reduction.

We hope you will all join us in welcoming Logan to the Board, wishing Danielle well in her new role, and in thanking Bruce for his past service.