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CASAA Interviewed About Vaping Bans and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

CASAA CEO Alex Clark and president Danielle Jones both quoted on vaping flavor bans. Calls to Action in Columbus Ohio and Tempe, Arizona. CASAA Live Explains the California flavor ban. THR Term of the Week. Debunking junk dental study and more!

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An ordinance that would ban the sale of flavored vapor products (and possibly other smoke-free nicotine products) had a second public hearing on December 1st. Lawmakers continue to negotiate the proposals specific’s, including when the ban would begin and what fines would be for violations.

READ MORE:  Columbus considers flavored tobacco ban in latest hearing

TAKE ACTION: Columbus Ohio: Stop a Flavor Ban!


There is a virtual Human Services and Community Safety Council Committee at noon on December 7th with Councilmembers Doreen Garlid & Joel Navarro. Hear a discussion on recommended changes to a proposed ordinance regulating the sale of tobacco products.

MORE INFO: Human Services and Community Safety Council Committee Virtual Meeting

TAKE ACTION: Tempe, AZ: Stop a Flavor Ban!

CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Multnomah, Oregon

The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners on Thursday unanimously approved the first reading of an ordinance that forbids retailers from selling tobacco and other nicotine products that have added flavors, including mint and fruit flavors. They’ll consider it a second and likely final time on Thursday, Dec. 15.

If passed, the ordinance would become effective in January 2024.

READ MORE: Multnomah County moves ahead with flavored tobacco ban

TAKE ACTION: Stop a Flavor Ban!


The first reading for a flavor ban is scheduled to take place in early December, with the goal of activating a ban in April 2023.

READ MORE: South Portland flavored tobacco ban likely to come next spring

CASAA IN ACTION // Alex Clark on the Columbus, Ohio Flavor Ban

“Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) is completely against the ban, saying that many flavored tobacco products help smokers quit cigarettes. The CEO of CASAA, Alex Clark, said it’s not the city’s call to ban something regulated on the federal level and if a ban passes, there should be exemptions.

“I don’t think that the City Council is really in a position to override the diligence and thorough review that FDA is doing on these products,” said Clark. “So that exemption needs to be added at the very least to this legislation.”

READ MORE: Columbus City Council proposes ban on flavored tobacco products

TAKE ACTION: Stop the Columbus, OH flavor ban. Take action NOW!

CASAA IN ACTION // Danielle Jones on the California Flavor Ban

Danielle Jones, the board president of CASAA, a member-driven nonprofit that advocates for safer nicotine alternatives, emphasized to Filter that although THR proponents are obviously against prohibition, “the motivations and desired-outcome differences” between advocates and corporations “can be massive.”


“There are times where consumer and tobacco industry interests overlap, and given that tobacco companies have the financial resources to act on those interests in ways that most advocates and consumers do not, we sometimes find ourselves on the same side of the issue,” she told Filter. “Just because we’re on the same side of an issue doesn’t mean that we ‘support tobacco companies.’”

READ MORE: Tobacco and Vape Companies Ask Supreme Court to Stop CA Flavor Ban


“Common Liability”

It’s very likely that the reason for any link between teen vaping and future smoking is that teens who start vaping are the same ones who are likely to try smoking, regardless of whether they had ever vaped.

READ MORE: The “gateway” effect of e-cigarettes may be explained by a genetic liability to risk-taking

“Current Tobacco Use”

CDC defines “current tobacco use” in national youth tobacco surveys as having used a tobacco, nicotine or vapor product EVEN ONE TIME in the past 30 days.

This is clearly an unrealistic measure of nicotine “addicted” youth.

READ MORE: Youth and Tobacco Use

CASAA MEDIA // CASAA Explains: California Flavor ban


What does California’s new law actually ban? What legal actions are being taken against it? CASAA’s CEO Alex Clark and president Danielle Jones answer these questions and more!

COMMENTARY // THR Experts on the Latest Cochrane Report

Cochrane confirms with great credibility that people using vaping products have better prospects of quitting.

That aligns with all the evidence from observational studies, population trends, economic studies and, above all, user testimony. The days when vaping opponents could say ‘we just don’t know’ are now long gone.”

~ Clive Bates, former director of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) UK

READ MORE: “High Certainty” Evidence That Vapes Are Better Quitting Aids Than NRT

RESEARCH // Debunking Junk Science

CASAA recently debunked this article (that seems to contradict common sense and established science) about clearly vaping-naive researchers, who were studying the possible increased risk for cavities and tooth decay from vaping.  Below are two significant quotes from the article and the breakdown of why they’re wrong and/or misinformation.

Quote #1

“Adding artificial sweeteners and flavorings to the sticky aerosol may create the perfect breeding ground for cavities. The sugar is what the bacteria feeds on.” — Dr. Karina Irusa

1) E-liquid typically has a Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerin base that’s more slick than sticky. Most manufacturers would not create a liquid that is overly “sticky” for reasons well-known to vapers, including the damage to vapor devices.


2) Most artificial sweeteners aren’t known to cause tooth decay, because bacteria CAN’T feed on it. Which is why dentists recommend sugar-free gums.


3) Flavorings added to e-liquids are also typically PG or VG based, not bacteria-friendly sugars.


Quote #2

“The e-cigarette users had different kinds of oral bacteria that thrive on heated e-liquid ingredients, such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, which add nicotine and sweet flavors to vapes.”


4) Both PG and VG are widely known for having ANTIBACTERIAL properties. Even the antibacterial mouthwash Chlorhexidine, prescribed by dentists to treat gingivitis, contains glycerin.


5) Neither PG nor VG add nicotine or flavor to vapes!

READ MORE: ‘Sticky’ like candy: Vaping may increase risk of cavities


Shamefully one-sided NPR piece filled with untrue claims. Says teen vaping “hasn’t yet slowed” despite over 50% decline since 2019. Blames flavors/ads targeting teens despite neither being a reason why even Mr. Rose started vaping. False claim that vapor products are the “equivalent of 800 cigarettes,” and more. Of course, not one tobacco harm reduction expert or adult vaper was consulted about how these bans and regulation would affect adult smoking rates.

READ MORE:  The chase is on: Regulators are slowly cracking down on vapes aimed at teens

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