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Questionable “Gateway Theory” Study, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Calls to Action in New Hampshire and Washington state. Exposing vape junk science. Heads Up in Oregon, Kansas and El Monte, California. Bloomberg reveals plans for vaping if elected president. FDA finally clarifies Tobacco 21 law (sort of.)
WASHINGTON STATE: (CALL TO ACTION!) HB1932 will ban flavors! Submit your comment on the link below to OPPOSE the bill, then head to the Olympia, WA RALLY TOMORROW @ 1:30 PM on the north steps in front of the Legislative Building!!WA – Stop a Permanent Flavor Ban! (HB 1932)
Two bills that would ban flavors and implement a moratorium on sales of vapor products are scheduled for a PUBLIC HEARING on
Wednesday, January 15 at 9:45 AM
Details, Resources, and Take Action at CASAA .org

NH – Stop a Flavor ban and Sales Ban (Public Hearing)
NATIONAL: (HEADS UP!) Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg says he will ban all flavored vapor products and push to reduce the amount of nicotine in products to “nonaddictive levels” if elected.

Bloomberg vows to ban flavored e-cigarettes if elected president
VAPE JUNK SCIENCE: This “study” ignores the fact that the drug use and smoking rates dropped even with vaping experimentation increasing over the same time period. If vaping was a gateway, there would have been an increase in use. Additionally, there is NOT a “substantial body of research” showing vapers “have greater odds of going on to try conventional cigarettes.” The scant existing research purporting to show this is based on unreliable, self-reported cross-sectional data that doesn’t ask if the subject vaped or smoked first, nor does it prove that the subjects wouldn’t have smoked in absence of vaping.

New study raises concerns that youth vaping nicotine may reverse declines in other drug use
OREGON: (HEADS UP!) Sen. Monnes Anderson is again trying to ban the sale of all flavored vapor products. Lawmakers reportedly heard about the proposal Wednesday, in the Senate committee. Existing T21 law means this ban really only impacts ADULT consumers!

Lawmakers Push Proposal to Ban All Flavored Vaping Products | The Lund Report
EL MONTE, CA: (HEADS UP!) Council decided to postpone a vote on full flavor ban – possibly until February – to gather more info, receive a presentation from LA County DPH and to research where both federal and state governments would land on the issue.

El Monte considers a ban on flavored tobacco products – San Gabriel Valley Tribune
KANSAS: (HEADS UP!) A public vaping ban is not only unnecessary (businesses already have the right to ban vaping,) it is based on lies about health risks – lies that convince public to later support flavor bans, taxes, & even banning use outside & in private residences!

New legislation to regulate indoor vaping in public places
NATIONAL TOBACCO 21: (UPDATE) Four weeks after President Trump signed Tobacco 21 legislation into law, the FDA finally offers some clarification on enforcement going forward.

FDA Provides More Detail on Federal Tobacco 21 Implementation