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Heads Up – News – Updates 1.25.2019

Tobacco harm reduction news for January 25, 2019. Anti-harm reduction laws in Illinois, Arizona, Vermont and North Dakota. Snus deserves modified risk classification. Washington Examiner questions FDA actions on vapor products…. 

IN THE NEWS: Congress authorized @FDATobacco to review modified risk claims, but proving far less harm isn’t enough. Must also prove impossible: knowing truth won’t attract new users. Snus has 30+ years of evidence but can’t legally tell public this truth.

MOUNT PROSPECT, ILLINOIS: (HEADS UP!) Village considering laws to deny adult #smokers 18-20 access to far safer alternative #vaping products and prohibit business owners from allowing #vaping in their own establishments.

Village Considers Raising Age To Purchase Tobacco | Journal & Topics Media Group

THE MORE YOU KNOW: If you’re on Facebook, please join your state’s CASAA group and help us continue to fight for tobacco harm reduction policies!

ARIZONA: (HEADS UP!) Anti harm reduction groups pushing to pass Tobacco 21 law, which typically also denies adult #smokers 18-20 access to far safer alternative #vaping products. Join CASAA in fighting these laws!

Proposal would raise minimum age to buy tobacco to 21

VERMONT: (HEADS UP!) @GovPhilScott backing outrageous 92% wholesale tax on #vaping products, which would remove an important lower cost incentive for inveterate adult #smokers to switch to the far lower risk products.

NORTH DAKOTA: (HEADS UP!) Bill HB 1477 would ban all #eliquid flavors other than tobacco and menthol, removing an important feature that helps #smokers stay off combustible #cigarettes.

ND – Stop a Flavor Ban

OPINION: (Washington Examiner) The FDA is on a mission to ‘protect’ you from harmless products.

The FDA is on a mission to ‘protect’ you from harmless products