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Heads Up – News – Updates 10.09.2019

Calls to Action in El Cajon, San Diego and Montana. Heads up Los Angeles (again!), Sonoma County, CA and Tennessee. Gov. Cuomo caught in another lie. CASAA leadership quoted by news media. Jacob Sullum commentary calls out scaremongering by government officials.

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IN THE NEWS: Washington Examiner article on vaping advocates fighting the coming Trump flavor ban quotes CASAA national policy director Julie Woessner.

“We’re ignoring the needs and rights of adults to make more choices in their lives.”

“People who voted for Trump felt he supported the free market, small businesses, consumer choice.”

“It’s pretty much betrayal.”

Vaping advocates gear up to fight Trump proposed ban on flavors

EL CAJON, CALIFORNIA: (URGENT CALL TO ACTION!) City Council MEETING TUES. OCT. 8th at 3 PM! Under normal circumstances this new ordinance might take two months to work its way through the process, but elected officials are being pressured to issue EMERGENCY actions that are hastily banning flavored products NOT linked to the lung injuries, so we urge advocates to attend ALL meetings!

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA: (CALL TO ACTION!) Board of Supervisors MEETING TUES., OCT. 15th 9AM, proposed VAPOR PRODUCT FLAVOR BAN and possible TOTAL BAN (until PMTA approval). City residents need to take a stand against these irrational & unreasonable laws!!

CA – San Diego County – Stop a Flavor Ban!

CASAA is aware of the ANTZ call on Gov. Lee to ban flavors and we will continue to let the Tennessee Smoke-free Association take the lead, as they’ve been working hard both behind the scenes and in the media for many years. CASAA will definitely release a Call to Action, in cooperation with TSFA, if and when it’s been determined the time is right.

So, please do not start organizing rallies or calling the governor just yet! Of course, CASAA will continue to coordinate efforts with and support other state and national advocacy and trade organizations!

Tennessee healthcare organizations call on lawmakers to ban flavored vaping products

IN THE NEWS: (CNN) Advocates throw down the gauntlet, “We vape, we vote!”

“Rather than just vote a party ticket, they may in fact change their vote for anybody who comes out and wants to have a critical conversation about vaping.” ~CASAA CEO Alex Clark

“Political groups are starting to notice that vaping is an identity, not just a hobby.”

“The seeds of a grassroots movement seem to be in place. The organizing and get-out-the-vote work is happening online and in vape shops…”

‘We Vape, We Vote’: How vaping crackdowns are politicizing vapers – CNN

COMMENTARY: (Jacob Sullum)

“As evidence mounted that vaping-related lung diseases overwhelmingly involved black-market cannabis products…officials have been vaguely and unhelpfully warning us about the hazards of vaping and e-cigarettes.”

Black market pot — not vaping — most to blame for lung disease outbreak

IN THE NEWS: (NEW YORK) @NYGovCuomo caught in another lie to justify his irresponsible and inexcusable war on e-cigs that protects cigarette taxes and MSA funds. Source says teen was vaping cannabis (not typically used for the “flavors” that Cuomo banned) and M.E. hasn’t even confirmed cause of death.

Cuomo Says Bronx Teen is New York’s First Vaping-Related Death

MONTANA: (CALL TO ACTION!) Call Governor Bullock at (406) 444-3111 and tell him banning retail flavored e-cigarette products, that adults use to quit smoking WITHOUT ever raising teen smoking, WON’T stop the lung illnesses being caused by the deadly vapor products used to get high. Tell him how vaping has HELPED you!

MT – Call Gov. Bullock (406) 444-3111 – Rescind the Flavor Ban!

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: (UPDATE & HEADS UP!) City bans retail flavored e-cigarettes, despite strong evidence they AREN’T a gateway to teen smoking and lung illness is clearly NOT from products used by adults to quit smoking and has nothing to do with flavors. Calls for governor to issue a TOTAL ban on vaping!

And after banning flavors, now City Councilman Paul Koretz yesterday proposed banning retail e-cigarettes from being sold in the city until they’re approved by the federal government and deemed safe.

E-cigarette sales could be banned in LA if councilman gets his way – Daily News

SONOMA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA: (HEADS UP!) County considering following other foolish govt officials in banning sale of products because of flavors that have NOTHING to do with the “rash of mysterious lung injuries” and have NOT raised teen smoking rates.