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Heads Up – News – Updates 10.15.2019

Michigan shop owner get injunction against flavor ban. CASAA’s Julie Woessner get a press quote. Missouri governor chooses education over ban. California governor vetos ironic bill. Indiana ANTZ doc wants to tax e-cigs for causing lung illnesses. Researchers nicotine study finds benefits. Awesome San Diego supervisor hits the nail on the head. TWO anti-vaping hearings in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 16th!

BREAKING NEWS: (MICHIGAN) Judge Stevens issued a preliminary injunction in shop owner Marc Slis’ lawsuit, blocking Governor Whitmer’s irresponsible and illogical flavor ban, allowing businesses in the state to resume selling flavored e-cig products until the court can weigh the merits of the case.

Judge puts Michigan’s ban on flavored nicotine vaping on hold

IN THE NEWS: (MISSOURI) CASAA’s Director of National Policy Julie Woessner told the press “Our hope is that unlike some states where politicians are more interested in scoring political points than in addressing the actual source, of the problem—illicit THC cartridges—Governor Parson will see the distinction and will ensure that consumers still have choices and legal access to flavored vapor products that allow them to reduce their risk.”

Governor Mike Parson holds press conference on vaping illnesses and death in Missouri

It seems the governor chose education over a ban! He has signed an executive order today requiring three state agencies to develop a public service campaign about the dangers of vaping among youth.

Parson calls youth vaping figures an ‘epidemic’; orders campaign about youth vaping dangers – Missourinet

CALIFORNIA: (UPDATE) Gov. Newsome vetoes SB 538 (which required all electronic cigarette manufacturers to submit pictures and descriptions of each product it sells to better inform parents of the products available) because the California Department of Public Health said it “may serve more as marketing for e-cigarettes and provide public health legitimacy to e-cigarettes.” How ironic it is that it was the ANTZ (including the CA BOH) and not the companies who have told teens for past 3 years that e-cigs are tasty & easy to hide!?

Governor Newsom Vetoes Bill Aimed At Informing Parents About Electronic Cigarette Products

INDIANA: (HEADS UP!) Local ANTZ doctor pushing for pointless sin tax on e-cigarettes due to the lung illness outbreak that CDC, FDA and numerous harm reduction experts found likely has nothing to do with the retail products helping adults quit smoking.

Indiana lawmakers pushed to adopt e-cigarette liquids tax

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Contrary to ANTZ claims that nicotine has no benefits and causes “brain damage,” researchers studying memory loss in elderly say it “stimulates a type of neurochemical system that is important for learning, memory, and attention.”

Researchers using nicotine patches to treat memory loss

SAN DIEGO: (UPDATE) All lawmakers considering e-cigarette bans should be made to listen to San Diego Supervisor Kristin Gaspar, who stated that banning retail products that help adults quit smoking “misses the mark in favor of political grandstanding.”

Her compelling speech also included other statements that hit the mark:

“We must separate fact from fiction to understand any crisis. It’s important. Far too often, government attempts to solve a crisis with well-intended, knee-jerk policies that end in absolute failure.”

“Strategies matter! And make no mistake, feel-good policy will not protect our kids – my kids.”

“We need to learn from [kids]. we need to listen to to them. We don’t get to decide…how things are done, how things are purchased.”

“Snapchat. The internet. Instagram. It’s a common thread. Snapchat. Snapchat users, not storefront owners, are marketing to our kids.”

“Selling products to these kids is illegal and it’s wrong, but while the target of this item is clearly the kids, the actual target today is the law-abiding adults!”

“I asked for the violations. I asked for the number of times these storefront owners have been cited for selling to minors and guess what? I have nothing in front of me. But yet, you’re passing legislation today that goes after those storefront owners, telling them that they’re ‘bad actors’ and you have ZERO in the way of evidence and that is wrong.”

Unfortunately, the measure still passed 3-2 (with Supervisor Jim Desmond also voting against.) Ironically, Supervisor Greg Cox said he agreed with Gaspar and Desmond’s comments but supported the ban because the public health crisis “required action.” Clearly, he wasn’t really listening.

Supervisor Jim Desmond released this statement after the meeting.

ANTZ WATCH: Two hearings will be occurring on Wednesday, October 16th!

10:00 AM
“E-cigarettes – An Emerging Threat to Public Health”
House Appropriations Committee
E-cigarettes: An Emerging Threat to Public Health

10:30 AM
“Legislation to Reverse the Youth Tobacco Epidemic”
House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Health
Hearing on “Legislation to Reverse the Youth Tobacco Epidemic”