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Heads Up – News – Updates 10.18.2019

Heads up Florida! Still looking for your stories for the CASAA Testimonial Project. Montana shops take on state flavor ban. Vaping in UK helped 50,700 – 69,930 people quit smoking in 2017. Five myths about vaping debunked. VTA made a commercial.


ADVOCACY: Thank you to the 80 advocates who submitted their stories to CASAA’s Testimonial Project since yesterday!

Just 11,987,751 to go….

Show the naysayers that you are 12+ million strong and the lawmakers that #WeVapeWeVote!

About CASAA Testimonial Project – CASAA

MONTANA: (UPDATE) Three shops & the MT trade association filed suit Thurs. to overturn Gov. Bullock’s emergency ban on flavored products. The suit argues to throw out the order because the “public-health emergency” hasn’t been caused by the shops.

MT vape shops sue to block Gov. Bullock’s ban on flavored products

RESEARCH: (UK) Taking into consideration patients’ current e-cig use, their use during a quit attempt, quit success rate and average cigarette consumption, researchers estimate e-cigs helped 50,700 to 69,930 people quit smoking in 2017 alone.

E-cigs help 50K-plus smokers in the UK quit nicotine each year


1) E-cigarettes ARE regulated.
2) Vaping is NOT as harmful as smoking.
3) Vaping does NOT cause ‘popcorn lung.’
4) E-cigarettes DO help people quit smoking.
5) E-cigarettes are NOT a gateway to youth smoking.

FLORIDA: (HEADS UP!) Community meeting focused on reducing tobacco/nicotine consumption and exposure to tobacco/nicotine related smoke throughout Lee County including e-cigarettes and the representation of any tobacco product.

October 28th
2:30 – 3:30 PM

Tobacco-Free Lee Coalition Meeting | Florida Department of Health in Lee

TAKING ACTION: The Vapor Technology Association, a trade organization, has placed a commercial on a news network for a week, offering an opportunity for the President to back down gracefully from his proposed flavor ban – instead blaming Dept of Health & Human Services, which oversees the FDA.