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Heads Up – News – Updates 10.21.2019

Calls to Action for Cerritos, California; Westchester County, New York and Columbia, Missouri! Terrific opinion article by a harm reduction PhD. The more you know…about tobacco taxes. Judge lets Massachusetts ban stand (at least until next Monday) and rebukes governor for improper procedure.

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY: (CALL TO ACTION!) FLAVOR BAN hearing TONIGHT 10/21 @ 7 PM! If you can’t speak, please at the very least SHOW UP to demonstrate how MANY people these irrational, knee-jerk laws affect! If you can’t show up, CALL and/or EMAIL!

NY – Westchester County – Stop a Flavor Ban!

COLUMBIA, MO: (CALL TO ACTION!) Board of Health considering (among other things) FLAVOR or TOTAL BAN of e-cigarettes. No hearing yet scheduled, so take PREEMPTIVE ACTION and contact your city representatives BEFORE it starts!

MO – Columbia – Stop a Vaping Ban Before it Starts! – CASAA

CERRITOS, CA: (CALL TO ACTION!) With vape shop sales banned, city targets local stores where e-cigs are still available. While citing an outbreak most strongly linked to products not even sold in stores, the ordinance doesn’t mention those or cigarettes!

CA – Cerritos – Stop an All-out Vapor Product Ban! – CASAA

OPINION: (Susan Collins Ph.D., Harm Reduction Research & Treatment Center at the University of Washington School of Medicine)

“As a scientist, clinician and parent, my instinct and duty are to protect the public, especially children, from harm. But outright bans could worsen our current crisis and have unintended negative consequences for adults and children alike.”

Vaping response should be science-based, not prohibition

THE MORE YOU KNOW: “State and city data show a steep drop in tobacco tax revenue in the last decade, as smoking rates declined and…people turned to electronic vapes that aren’t subject to a tobacco tax.”

“Now, health organizations are pushing back and demanding that e-cigs…face government oversight more in line with a traditional cigarette.”

As vaping rises, tobacco tax receipts plummet

BREAKING NEWS: (MASSACHUSETTS) Judge lets e-cig ban stand – at least until next Monday. Governor needs proper public hearing.
“Input from affected industries and members of the public is a potent safeguard against executive abuse of discretion,” he wrote.
Judge Allows Mass. To Keep 4-Month Ban On Vaping Product Sales