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Heads Up – News – Updates 12.10.2018

THE MORE YOU KNOW: If bans & taxes are what cause smoking declines, how does smoking rate fall under 14% (from 15.3% in 2017) in a state w/2nd lowest tobacco taxes, no bans/taxes on #vaping or flavors, no statewide indoor use ban, no Tobacco 21? Hmmm…

Virginia health officials release adult tobacco survey results

UPDATE: (FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA) City council bans vaping in public, considering passing Tobacco 21. CASAA Arizona page: Arizona – CASAA

Council to ban vaping in public areas

Photo Credit: Steve Senne, Associated Press

IN THE NEWS: Showing a small progress towards intelligent tobacco harm reduction policies, American College of Cardiology finally recommends members advise patients who vape “to switch completely to e-cigarettes and avoid dual use.”

Cardiologists Urged to Take Lead Role in Smoking Cessation

IN THE NEWS: (ARIZONA) Youth past 30 day smoking continued to decline in spite of 19.9% trying vaping. Officials continue focus on vaping, even though alcohol use at 20.2% & ……… rose to 15.7% (in spite of no “kid-friendly” flavors to lure them.)

Cigarette use by Arizona youth on the decline as e-cigarette use surges

IN THE NEWS: (KENTUCKY) With the 2nd highest adult smoking rate (24.9%) in the US, state health groups set their sights instead on reducing teen vaping via flavor bans, use bans and taxes. Maybe they should talk to Virginia?

E-Cigarette Use Soars Among Kentucky Teens