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Heads Up – News – Updates 12.16.2019

Calls to Action for Mitt Romney anti-vaping bill and Montana flavor ban. Rally in Washington state to fight a permanent flavor ban. Stanton Glantz strikes again with his brand of junk science, with excellent rebuttal to his nonsense by CASAA adviser Clive Bates.

CALL TO ACTION: Stop Senator Romney’s bill banning flavors & open systems, plus tax vapor products same as cigarettes! Call his capitol office & express your opposition to taking life-saving vapor products off the market!

Call Senator Romney @ 202-224-5251


MONTANA: (UPDATED CALL TO ACTION!) Attorney General candidate/Governor’s legal counsel Raph Graybill is supporting DHHS announcement to enforce “temporary” 120 day flavor ban, effective December 18th! Tell lawmakers you oppose the ban & candidate Graybill that #WeVapeWeVote! The Call to Action link will let you contact the governor and your state representatives with a pre-filled form. You can tell Mr. Graybill how you feel by contacting him directly at: info@raphgraybill and 406-444-3179 or on Twitter @raphgraybill.

MT – Rescind the Flavor Ban!


MONTANA: (UPDATE) 120-day flavor ban starts Dec.18th. Governor’s legal counsel, Raph Graybill, falsely blames EVALI outbreak on flavored vapes, blatantly ignores CDC findings. DHHS ridiculously lies that vaping leads not only to smoking, but ……. & …. use!

Governor to Enforce 120 Day Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes


TAKING ACTION: (WASHINGTON STATE) #WeVapeWeVote rally to protest a permanent flavor ban is scheduled for Friday, January 17th at 1:30 PM on the steps of the Legislative Building in Olympia!

See the organizers’ group on Facebook for more info: We Vape We Vote – Washington State

TWISTED RESEARCH: Typical Stanton Glantz study–focuses mainly on adverse effects and important questions/answers are not made public. What was risk for never-smokers who vaped, as that would show risk that completely excludes previous smoking as a risk factor? Are dual users at higher risk because they’re heavier smokers, so their risk is already higher due to greater exposure to smoke and it’s more difficult for them to completely switch to vaping? How long did they smoke vs vape? Were people who had been vaping longer at less risk than those who only started recent to the study? These are important factors that are not disclosed by the researchers–likely intentional omissions, considering Glantz’s consistent false attacks on vaping over the past decade.

Vaping May Be Safer than Smoking—But It’s Still Not Safe, a New Study Says

For those unfamiliar with Stanton Glantz and his inquisitional, disingenuous vaping “research,” we highly recommend this great rebuttal to his false claims by former Director of Action on Smoking and Health (UK) and CASAA advisor, Clive Bates.

Vaping risk compared to smoking: challenging a false and dangerous claim by Professor Stanton Glantz