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Heads Up – News – Updates 12.20.2019

Congress passes Tobacco/Vapor 21. Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids shows another reason it hates vaping (and speaking of Matt Myers….) Philly bans outdoor public vaping, takes away flavors for mostly poor people. Heads up in Utah. Researchers grasp for the obvious. Update on Rhode Island and Montana flavor bans.

NATIONAL: (UPDATE) Senate passed Tobacco/Vapor 21 & President is expected to sign. Industry supported the unproven measure (it hasn’t reduced teen vaping in Hawaii) as “compromise,” but (as we predicted) ANTZ are still demanding flavor bans & high taxes.

Congress Approves Raising Age to 21 for E-Cigarette and Tobacco Sales


THE MORE YOU KNOW: CTFK’s complaint “only” $739 million of MSA funds & cigarette taxes goes to their cause, reveals a bigger problem w/vaping than any so-called “epidemic”–ANTZ funding will be even less than what they get now if people vape instead of smoke. (Look who ❤️ it at the top, too.)

PHILADELPHIA, PA: (UPDATE) City bans vaping OUTDOORS & adds vape sales restrictions that will mostly affect people in low income neighborhoods with higher adult & teen smoking rates, much lower vaping rates & little to no access to over-21 stores.

Philly Restricts E-Cigarette Sales, Bans Flavored Cigarillos


OPINION: CTFK’s Matt Meyers once said “If you had a product that addicted 45 million people and killed none of them, I would take that deal. Then you’d have coffee!”

Now he wants to ban those products and convince Americans they’re the same as smoking?

U.S. Prefers Mass Hysteria to Sound Policy on Vaping


UTAH: (HEADS UP) Utah County BOH passes resolution urging state lawmakers to crack down on vapor products, with suggestions including–but not limited to–flavor bans, sales location and advertising restrictions, and excessive taxes.

Utah County Board of Health approves vaping resolution


RESEARCH: Although over 50% of teens try smoking before the age of 14, researchers laughably stumped why 28% are suddenly trying new vapor products at same age; ironically “blame” teens vaping instead of smoking on (correct) belief vaping is far safer.

Number of youth who start vaping at 14 or before has tripled


RHODE ISLAND: (UPDATE) Over 2 months into flavor ban, officials “haven’t noticed a drop” in teen use. No increase, either, but was anyone really expecting a flavor ban to increase use? Is anyone going to check how cigarette sales are doing since the ban?

Success of Vape Ban Unclear | Newport This Week


MONTANA: (UPDATE) Court rules for 120-day flavor ban, both online/in-store, that took effect 12/18. Judge apparently believes outbreak is linked to retail nicotine products & that the “gateway effect” is real. It’s already illegal to sell vapor products to minors, flavored or not.

Ban on flavored vaping products goes into effect across Montana