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Expert Says Vaping Could Prevent Oral Cancer from Smoking, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

National Junk Science Call to Action. Heads Up Montgomery County, MD. Video: What people are getting wrong about vaping. New CASAA web page about EVALI. Expert says vaping could help prevent oral cancer from smoking.

THE MORE YOU KNOW: What people are getting wrong about vaping, EVALI, the US “teen epidemic” claim, nicotine and “addiction,” adults and flavors and even another harm reduction product many vapers get wrong – snus.#QuitLying #VapingSavesLives

VAPE JUNK SCIENCE: (CALL TO ACTION!) Published paper claiming #vaping causes heart attacks has been exposed as junk science. Send a message to JAHA editors sharing your story of switching to vaping and how making the switch has improved your health!

02.09.20 – Weekend Heads Up Round Up – CASAA
SCIENCE-BASED POLICY: The number of adults who wrongly believe nicotine products cause EVALI has risen 8 percentage points since the height of the outbreak in September 2019. CASAA has created a web page with everything you need to know about EVALI.

What You Should Know About E-cigarettes and EVALI – CASAA
 “Scientific Conversations on Tobacco Harm Reduction” dental expert says #vapor and HNB products could help prevent oral cancer and is a better strategy “than watching our patients who smoke die of oral cancer.”

Many people don’t know that smoking has an even greater risk of oral cancer than smoke-free tobacco, including products the public tends to most associate with oral cancer, such as western-style “chew” or “spit tobacco.”

Expert sounds alarm on oral cancer – The Manila Times
SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA: (UPDATE) Citing completely disproven claim that flavors are why youth try vaping (2019 CDC data shows 77.7% cite other reasons,) city bans sales of ANY #vapor products, but still allows sales of deadly combustible cigarettes.

San Luis Obispo bans e-cigarette sales
MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD: (HEADS UP!) Four legislative initiatives aimed at reducing access to #vaping products will be voted on by County Council in next few weeks, including a flavor ban & banning sales within 1 mile of parks, libraries and all schools.

County Moves Against Vaping – The Town Courier