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Bans Fail in Virginia & Oregon, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Heads Up in Kentucky! Flavor bans defeated in Virginia (see video featuring Senator Bill DeSteph) and Oregon. Media misconduct called out.

BREAKING NEWS: (VIRGINIA) SB966 (a proposed flavor ban) FAILED to pass in the senate – even after a second vote. Thank you #vaping advocates for taking action and to Senator @BillDeSteph for his insightful and accurate remarks! #WeVapeWeVote #QuitLying
 Insightful and revealing takedown – by Filter Magazine’s senior editor Helen Redmond (@aftariak) – of one of the most biased, misleading, irresponsible and “disgraceful” anti-vaping articles we’ve seen.


Dismantling NY Mag’s Disgraceful Hit-Job on Vaping
 House committee advances HB 32 to increase cost of life-saving #vaping products w/ 27.5% tax (link misreports as 25%), effectively wiping out significant cost savings incentive for adults to switch from smoking combustible cigarettes!

Bill restricting vaping sales passes House committee
 Vaping flavor ban FAILS to pass once lawmakers see how much revenue state would lose – proving once again the war on vaping has nothing to do with health & everything to do with political moral posturing. #QuitLying #WeVapeWeVote

Oregon Senate bill to ban flavored vaping products dead after revenue concerns