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Heads Up – News – Updates 2.19.2019

Tobacco harm reduction news for February 19, 2019. Calls to Action in South Dakota, Arizona and Arkansas, Anti-harm reduction laws in Maryland, Oregon, Connecticut, Missouri, Texas, Delaware. Research finds more cancer patients switching to vaping.

ARKANSAS: (URGENT CALL TO ACTION!) There is a HEARING TOMORROW (2.20.19) for SB 347, which would impose a 16% wholesale tax on vapor products. (HEADS UP!) Lobbying effort is also underway to raise the proposed tax to 7.5¢/mL!

AR – Stop a tax on vapor products! – CASAA

SOUTH DAKOTA: (CALL TO ACTION!) HB 1209, which would impose a 35% wholesale tax on vapor products (e-liquid and devices), is RACING TO A VOTE on the floor of the South Dakota House of Representatives. TAKE ACTION NOW!

SD – Stop a 35% tax on vapor products! – CASAA

PIMA COUNTY, ARIZONA: (CALL TO ACTION!) County is considering draft proposal to deny early adult #smokers & #vapers access to much safer alternative #vaping & #smokefree products AND implement a vaping public use ban.

AZ – Pima County Call To Action! – CASAA

MARYLAND: (HEADS UP!) Lawmakers looking to deny early adult #smokers & #vapers access to much safer alternative #vaping and #smokefree products.

Maryland lawmakers consider raising the age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21

OREGON: (HEADS UP!) American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network @ACSCANOregon pushes lawmakers for $2 tax on #vaping & #smokefree products, irrationally RAISING COST of far safer #smoking alternatives that could actually REDUCE CANCER RISK for #smokers.

Advocates push for $2 increase in tobacco tax in Oregon

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT: (HEADS UP!) Law to deny early adult #smokers & #vapers access to much safer alternative #vaping & #smokefree products will be moving to committee at tonight’s Board of Alders meeting.

New Haven Board of Alders to discuss raising tobacco sales age to 21

ELDON, MISSOURI: (HEADS UP!) Despite fact that “18-20 year olds account for only 2% of tobacco sales,” officials push to deny those adult #smokers access to much safer #vaping & #smokefree products to somehow prevent access ALREADY ILLEGAL to minors.

KIRBY, TEXAS: (UPDATE) City would deny early ADULT #smokers & #vapers access to much safer alternative #vaping & #smokefree products if law makes it through a SECOND READING LATER THIS MONTH.

DELAWARE: (HEADS UP!) Advisory Board wants to ban use of #vaping & even #smokefree #tobacco products OUTDOORS in parks, although products have been shown to pose no risk to bystanders – and it would be impossible to enforce – mouth checks by police??

RESEARCH NEWS: #Vaping rises among cancer patients, yet #smoking remains steady. Author suspects lack of efficacy rather than ANTZ scare tactics that grossly exaggerate risks, downplay harm reduction benefits & convince smokers they may as well smoke.

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