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Heads Up – News – Updates 2.4.2019

Tobacco harm reduction news for February 4, 2019. Anti-harm reduction laws in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Michigan, New Mexico, Colorado, Hawaii, Ohio; US troops embrace vaping, Minnesota doesn’t see youth “vaping gateway,” headlines on youth vaping study mislead public….

IN THE NEWS: Contrary to recent headlines, study did NOT show youth #vaping leads to #smoking. “Gateway” predicts more vaping=more smoking, but HS smoking DECLINED: 20% (pre-vaping 2007) to 7.6% (2017). No evidence “vape first” wouldn’t have been “cigarette first” absent vaping.

Link to the study:
Association of Electronic Cigarette Use With Subsequent Initiation of Tobacco Cigarettes in US Youths
Electronic Cigarette Use and Subsequent Cigarette Smoking Initiation

NEW HAMPSHIRE: (CALL TO ACTION) SB 248 would deny people who smoke btwn the ages of 18-21 access to safer alternatives! Take action & urge state senators to reject Tobacco (& #Vaping) 21!

NH – Stop Tobacco AND Vapor 21!

WALLINGFORD, CONNECTICUT: (UPDATE) Town Council may VOTE TUESDAY FEB. 5th to deny adult #smokers and #vapers access to much safer alternative #vaping products.

Wallingford ordinance committee to look at changes to tobacco, ethics rules

IN THE NEWS: Defense officials tell troops “no proof” #vaping helps people quit #smoking long term and can lead non-smokers to smoking, but declining #cigarette sales and plummeting smoking rates from switching to low risk vaping tells a different story.

Among troops, vaping is now more popular than cigarettes

MINNESOTA: “Gateway effect” fails to manifest in state as young adults (18-24) stick with vaping while smoking rates in group drop by nearly half since 2014, 44% of vapers bypassed “ever smoking” for vaping, and “never-smoked” for all adults rose to 60%.

E-cigarettes gaining popularity

CONNECTICUT: (HEADS UP!) HB 6404 would ban ALL flavors in #vaping products, while other proposed bills would require signature for delivery, tax the same as cigarettes and deny adult #smokers and #vapers 18-20 access to these safer products.

Local lawmakers target tobacco, e-cigs, vaping

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN: (HEADS UP!) Next week, officials plan to prohibit business owners from allowing #vaping in their own establishments, removing important incentive for #smokers to switch to much lower risk products.
Waterford considers vaping ban for minors

NEW MEXICO: (HEADS UP!) Two bills advance in legislature that would tax #vaping products at 76%, negating important cost incentive for #smokers to switch, while another would prohibit business owners from allowing vaping in their establishment.

New Mexico bills to restrict, tax e-cigarettes advance

MONTROSE, COLORADO: (HEADS UP!) City plans to prohibit businesses from allowing #vaping in their establishments, negating important incentive for #smokers to switch to safer alternative. Illogically sold as part of plan to address youth vaping.

Montrose Considering Vaping Ordinance

HAWAII: (UPDATE) HB 276 (Senate companion SB 1009) which would ban flavored tobacco and vapor products, has moved to the Committee on Health. Hearing is Tuesday, February 5th at 9:05 AM.

Measure Status

STOW, OHIO: (HEADS UP!) City ordinance would deny adult #smokers and #vapers 18-20 access to much safer alternative #vaping products.

Stow considers raising tobacco-buying age to 21

NEW HAMPSHIRE #2: (CALL TO ACTION!) HB 680 would subject #vaping products to state’s 65.03% wholesale tobacco tax,negating important cost incentive for #smokers to switch. Hearing THURS, FEB 7 at 1:45 PM.

NH – Stop a 65% tax on Vaping!

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