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Heads Up – News – Updates 2.6.2019

Tobacco harm reduction news for February 6, 2019. Anti-harm reduction laws in Illinois, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Utah.

 ASHLAND, MASSACHUSETTS: (UPDATE) Board of Health bans mint, wintergreen and menthol-flavored #tobacco and #vaping products.

ILLINOIS: (HEADS UP!) @GovPritzker says he will sign law denying adult #smokers and #vapers 18-20 access to much safer alternative #vaping products.

UTAH: (HEADS UP!) State Rep. Paul Ray introduced HB 252 on Monday, which will increase the tax on #vaping products to 86.5 cents per “dosage,” negating an important cost incentive for #smokers to switch to the much safer alternative. 

IN THE NEWS: (GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN) Proposed ordinance would prohibit sale and possession of non-nicotine #vaping devices to minors under age of 18.

SPRING HILL, TENNESSEE: (HEADS UP!) City officials considering banning the use of low risk #vaping products OUTSIDE in public parks, in spite of lack of evidence of health risks, because of vague “complaints and issues.”

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