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Bans Increase Black Markets, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Research shows adults like flavors. Negative consequences of the Massachusetts flavor ban. Correcting reports of a “loophole.” Wisconsin city passed baseless public vaping ban.

SCIENCE-BASED POLICY: We KNOW smoke causes health risks so it’s undeniable that ENDING EXPOSURE DECREASES RISKS. Logically, SMOKE-FREE #vaping decreases health risks in adults who were smoking. Bans are NOT science-based & only perpetuate smoking risks!

Massachusetts Unknowingly Made E-Cigarettes More Dangerous – InsideSources
Media and ANTZ claiming there’s a “loophole” are misleading the public. Those products that came to market after August 8, 2016 are already considered illegal for sale by FDA. It’s meaningless to ban flavors of already illegal products.

Teens have found a loophole in the e-cigarette flavor ban, report says
 Illegal Tobacco Task Force admits flavor ban will cause “increase in smuggling activity and black market sales,” contradicting pre-ban denial by lawmakers and supporting there IS an ADULT demand for flavored #vaping products. #BansDontWork

Lack of storage curtails illegal tobacco seizures
Study finds the longer adults vape, the more likely to lose taste for tobacco/menthol & switch to sweet flavors. About 10% said flavor bans could lead them to return to smoking = about 48,000 deaths annually that might have been averted.

It’s Not Just Teens That Like E-cigarette Flavors
Without any scientific evidence of risk to bystanders or any actual necessity (businesses ALREADY have the right to prohibit vaping) city makes it illegal for other business owners – including vape shops – to allow SMOKE-FREE vaping.

Oshkosh Common council votes to ban vaping in the city, will not exempt vape shops