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Mississippi & Washington See Wins for Harm Reduction, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Urgent Call to Action in Florida! Mississippi and Washington see wins for harm reduction. Illinois city bans public vaping while Wisconsin city sends back to committee. ANTZ continue to conflate smoking risk with smoke-free and vaping.
MISSISSIPPI: Actually, it was a win for over 111,000 ADULT vapers & 505,000 ADULTS who still SMOKE in MS, by having far safer options that can remain more affordable than CIGARETTES. It’s even a win for the 11,700 smoking youth, who likely would have continued smoking as adults.
FLORIDA: (UPDATED CALL TO ACTION!) SB 810 (Flavor Ban) is now in the hands of Gov. DeSantis for signature. We need everyone in FL to make contact w/the governor by email, phone & tweet, urging him to VETO!

Take Action – Send a Message – Make a Call!

FL – Stop a Flavor Ban (VETO SB 810)! (UPDATED)
WASHINGTON: (CALL TO ACTION ENDED) Huge win for #vaping advocates in WA! State session closed without enough support for SB 6254. CASAA will keep monitoring and alert members to any attempts to reduce access to low risk alternatives in the future!

WA – Stop a Vapor Tax and Unreasonable Product Standards! (ENDED) – CASAA
LOCKPORT, ILLINOIS: (UPDATE) City bans public #vaping in order to “denormalize the behavior.” But why denormalize QUITTING smoking? BTW – there’s ZERO scientific evidence that seeing adult strangers vaping to quit smoking causes youth to try vaping!

Lockport prohibits E-Cigarette use in public places
PORTAGE, WI: (UPDATE) City sends ordinance banning use and POSSESSION of vapor products on city-owned property and in other public spaces back to committee. Mayor cites “respiratory issues” (EVALI?) but ordinance doesn’t address illicit THC products.

Portage Common Council reconsiders electronic smoking device ordinance
HARM REDUCTION: ANTZ continue to conflate “smoking” w/ “tobacco” & “nicotine,” confusing public to falsely believe smoking has same risk as smoke-free or #vaping; making them less likely to switch to far safer alternatives if they can’t or won’t quit!

Kick Butts Day is now Take Down Tobacco Day