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Heads Up – News – Updates 3.25.2019

Tobacco harm reduction news for March 22, 2019. Call to Action for Washington. Anti harm reduction actions in Connecticut, Isanti County, MN, Burlington, NC, Larkspur, CA, South Carolina, Tallmadge, OH and Dickinson County, IA. Nicotine treatment for ulcerative colitis.

WASHINGTON: (CALL TO ACTION!) TODAY at 2:30 PM (PT), committee hearing on SB 5986, that would impose 5c/mL tax on e-liquid (regardless of nicotine content) and 40c/oz tax on heat-not-burn (HnB) products. ACT NOW!

WA – Stop extra taxes on life-saving products!

CONNECTICUT: (HEADS UP!) HB 7200, which would deny early ADULT #smokers & #vapers access to the much safer alternative #vaping & #smokefree products that could actually eliminate #smoking passed from Committee to the House Friday. Read CASAA’s position on Tobacco 21, here:

Bill advances to raise the age to buy tobacco, vape products

ISANTI COUNTY, MINNESOTA: (UPDATE) County becomes 4th county/27th community in state to deny early ADULT #smokers & #vapers access to the much safer alternative #vaping & #smokefree products that could actually eliminate #smoking.

Isanti County Commissioners Approve Tobacco 21 Ordinance

IN THE NEWS: (BURLINGTON, NC) Without any evidence of risk to bystanders, city OUTDOOR #tobacco ban includes #vaping and #smokefree use in and around all major city parks, neighborhood facilities, lakes, marinas and its golf course.

All City of Burlington Recreation and Parks facilities will be tobacco free effective April 1

LARKSPUR, CALIFORNIA: (HEADS UP!) City had first reading (see video) to ban flavored #vaping and #smokefree tobacco products last Wed. Watch for this on the agenda (posted at City Hall) and plan to attend possibly April 3rd or April 17th meeting!

SOUTH CAROLINA: (HEADS UP!) S492, a bill that would STOP municipalities from unfairly regulating #vaping products, has passed the Senate’s Medical Affairs Committee. Contact your Senators!

Bill that kills Myrtle Beach’s vape shop moratorium clears state house hurdle

TALLMADGE, OHIO: (HEADS UP!) Law would deny early ADULT #smokers & #vapers access to much safer alternative #vaping & #smokefree products and likely “justify” to more onerous laws later. Read CASAA’s position on Tobacco 21, here:

Tallmadge considers raising age to buy tobacco products

DICKINSON COUNTY, IOWA: (HEADS UP) Anti nicotine & tobacco zealots (ANTZ) tell outrageous lies (#vaping causes cancer “like radon;” uses veg. oil as “combustible base;” half the carcinogens as cigs) to get city to ban #vaping and #smokefree use OUTSIDE.

Area cities hear nicotine-free proposals

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Research suggests nicotine can keep ulcerative colitis in the remitting stage – finding smoking can reduce impact of some symptoms – but risks outweigh benefits. If only there was a 95% safer way to get nicotine without the smoke….

If you’re on Facebook, please be sure to join your CASAA state group to help prevent anti-harm reduction laws like these from spreading through your state! – The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association