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Georgia Lawmaker Understands Harm Reduction, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Heads up in Redwood City, California and Georgia. More junk science from Stanton Glantz. Georgia lawmaker “gets” harm reduction – sorta. New York Post points out hypocrisy of vaping flavor bans.

REDWOOD CITY, CA: (HEADS UP!) City considering a #VAPING product BAN tonight at 7 PM! With only 22% of youth citing flavors as a reason for trying vaping, such bans won’t stop youth experimentation, but will definitely HARM ADULTS who smoke or vape!

Redwood City eyes ban on vaping, flavored tobacco

VAPING JUNK SCIENCE: Based on meager research that clearly states “IF” and “MAY,” ANTZ mislead public with claim that quitting vaping reduces risk of lung disease caused by the corona virus. Now NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is repeating that lie. #QuitLying

Smoking or vaping increases risks for those with coronavirus: NYC mayor

SCIENCE-BASED POLICY: @brettharrell GETS IT RIGHT by decreasing cost of very low risk #snus to encourage adults to switch, but misses own point by increasing cost of SMOKE-FREE #VAPING, which is appealing to more US adults who smoke – particularly women.

Tax cut for ‘modified risk’ tobacco added to Georgia House vape bill

OPINION: (New York Post) “Maybe you simply have to leave the Legislature before you can recognize blatant hypocrisy.”

(Note: NY also just decriminalized cannabis. How about they just stop trying to tell legal adults what they can or can’t put into their own bodies!?)