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FDA Admits No Evidence Connecting Vaping to COVID-19, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

FDA admits no evidence connecting vaping with COVID-19. Montana flavor ban ends – but nightmare continues. So-called “experts” don’t know jack. Campaign for Tobacco-free Kids propaganda campaign to shut down vape shops. Take the vaping survey!

ANTI-VAPING POLICIES: Instead of addressing concerns publicly, FDA surreptitiously admits to a single news source (by email) that the ANTZ claim vaping “exposures increase the risk of COVID-19” is “not known.”NOT. KNOWN.#QuitLying #EssentialToUs

FDA Shifts Its Covid-19 Stance on Vaping, Smoking Impact
 When the “experts” don’t even know that THC vapes are NOT “nicotine products modified by young people” and still think the lung injuries have anything to do with THC or nicotine, we have to question whether it’s stupidity or an agenda.

Despite recent downturn, local health officials still concerned over vape use among teens
 Governor’s 120-day flavor ban is officially over, but consumers still denied local access to safer alternatives to smoking as #vape shops are deemed “non-essential.” Meanwhile, deadly cigarettes can be purchased everywhere. #EssentialToUs

Montana’s Temporary Vape Ban Has Expired
Campaign for Tobbacoo-free Kids’ propaganda campaign to shut down vape shops, while cigarettes are still being sold everywhere. Counter CTFK’s campaign by joining @CASAAmedia and doing their Call to Action to let your governors know vape businesses are #EssentialToUs!

Call to Action Link:

 Preliminary survey from harm reduction researchers in Barcelona and Milan looking for vapers’ input to scientifically analyze the unsubstantiated ANTZ claim that vapers are more likely to become infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.eCigarettes, travel and COVID19

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