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Heads Up – News – Updates 4.19.2019

Call to Action update in Vermont.  Anti harm reduction laws in Colorado and Indiana. CASAA asks for more of the 3 million+ vapers to join, give their testimony and join their CASAA State group on Facebook.

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VERMONT: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) H.47, which would impose Vermont’s 92% OTP wholesale tax on vapor products (including e-liquid and devices) is expected to be scheduled for discussion and possibly a VOTE early in the week of APRIL 22. Take action NOW!VT – Stop an outrageous tax on Vaping!

COLORADO: (HEADS UP!) Bill banning public vaping passes in House, moving to Senate. Indoor bans not only take away right of business to choose, they mislead public to believe vaping is harmful, which leads to support for high taxes, flavor bans, etc.

Bill banning e-cigarette use indoors passes Colorado House; heads to Senate

ADVOCACY: Hundreds of pending anti-vaping laws. 3 million+ consumers. Less than 10% have joined CASAA. Just 11,677 CASAA testimonials. CASAA State groups with fewer than 10 members.

CASAA’s strength is in the number of voices in its membership, and those members being informed and taking action.

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Join Your State Group: – The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association

ASPEN, COLORADO: (UPDATE) FLAVOR BAN! City is “coordinating with tobacco retailers,” but likely not hearing from CONSUMERS LIKE YOU. Tweet or Facebook message @CityOfAspen, call, email or attend a work session to give your opinion!

Aspen Contact Info:

BLAIRSVILLE, INDIANA: (HEADS UP!) Without any evidence of risk to bystanders, city plans to BAN #VAPING OUTDOORS. Misinformed Councilman claims “It’s out of control. With the high amount of nicotine, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll be addicted.”