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Heads Up – News – Updates 4.26.2019

Anti-harm reduction laws and lies in Washington, Kentucky, Minnesota & Ohio. Hawaii Tobacco 21 fails to deliver. CASAA schools The Verge on apples & oranges. 

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MINNESOTA: (HEADS UP!) Law that treats vaping the same as smoking (and reinforces public opinion that they’re the same) has passed in House, Denies higher risk adults who smoke access to safer alternatives, indoor ban, etc. Heads to conference committee.

IN THE NEWS: Very happy @MoCoSentinel looked up some facts on our website, but we wish they’d have actually spoken to us for a CONSUMER PERSPECTIVE before quoting a POINTLESS gem like “vapes have much higher levels of pure nicotine than traditional cigarettes.”

County work group formed to combat underage vaping – The Montgomery County Sentinel

SKAGIT COUNTY, WASHINGTON: (UPDATE) Ironically calling vape-free policies “one of the most effective tools for protecting the health of a community,” ANTZ convince County (and now the public) to treat smoke-free vaping the same as smoking.

Skagit County Bans Smoking and Vaping in Public Spaces

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Maybe next time they talk vaping, The Verge will ask CASAA, too? Because WE know smoking/nicotine are also “apples & oranges.” Even FDA says nicotine outside of smoking (NRT) has low “abuse liability and dependence potential” (ie. not particularly addicting):

Why Big Tobacco and Big Vape love comparing nicotine to caffeine

IN THE NEWS: So much for “evidence-based policy.” With a slew of new Tobacco/Vapor 21 bills pending and passing around the country, Hawaii DOH realizes that their 2016 T21 law has essentially failed and EDUCATION is the key.

Can we say “We told you so?”

Number of Hawaii youth experimenting with e-cigarettes has increased

KENTUCKY: High School smoking has had a huge decline from 24.1% in 2011 to 14.3% in 2017 (CDC), but still much higher than national avg. 8.1%. So, of course, they’re most concerned about…a rise in smoke-free vaping. Oh…and adults don’t like flavors.

The number of Kentucky kids who vape has nearly doubled in the last 2 years

LICKING HEIGHTS, OHIO: So many lies in this one, our eyes are watering. “7 mil kids ADDICTED” (Not even close – fewer than 90k HS students vape >20 days a month and MS is even less.)

“6 tsp NICOTINE in bottles” (Nope. 6 tsp would equal an entire 30 ml bottle that’s NOT all nicotine.)

“nicotine & tobacco kills 1 out of 5 people” (Conflating nicotine with smoking!)

Heads up – they’re talking FLAVOR BAN!

‘It’s serious’ Expert estimates one in four high schoolers are vaping