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Heads Up – News – Updates 5.10.2019

Call to Action in Arizona. Massachusetts facing deadly legislative barriers to harm reduction. Video: CASAA CEO Alex Clark speaking at 2019 E-cigarette Summit. Dr. Brad Rodu nails another commentary about anti-vaping lies.

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ARIZONA: (CALL TO ACTION!) Lawmakers intend to treat #vaping the same as smoking with indoor ban, misleading public to believe health risks are same and laying groundwork for even more damaging laws & taxes in the future. TAKE ACTION NOW!AZ – Stop and indoor vaping ban!

ADVOCACY: Watch CASAA CEO Alex Clark (@Hello_Alex) speak on behalf of vaping and smoke-free consumers before a distinguished audience at the 2019 E-Cigarette Summit (@ecigsummit)!

EXPERT OPINION: Dr. Brad Rodu, tobacco harm reduction expert and CASAA adviser, nails it again. “It’s time for Americans to have all the facts about e-cigarettes, so they can make educated choices in order to enjoy longer and healthier lives.”

It’s time to stop confusing the public with sensationalist rhetoric on e-cigarettes

MASSACHUSETTS: (HEADS UP!) Lawmakers are proposing deadly legislative barriers to harm reduction. Senate budget proposes 75% wholesale vape tax: New taxes pitched for prescription opioids, vaping productswhile Sen. John Keenan’s S.1279 would ban flavored vaping and smoke-free products: Massachusetts Could Ban Flavored Vape, Tobacco Products