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Heads Up – News – Updates 5.8.2019

Call to Action update in Appleton, Wisconsin. Anti-harm reduction laws in Beverly Hills, California, Arkansas, Arizona and Washington. Walmart joins other chains raising purchase age for vapor/tobacco products and banning flavors, while still selling combustible cigarettes.

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APPLETON, WISCONSIN: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) This morning, the Board of Health declined to amend the indoor vaping ban to exclude vape shops. While CASAA opposes any type of indoor vape ban, due to the fact that it misleads the public into believing that vaping is the same as smoking and raises the possibility that the public will support even more laws and increased taxes, not allowing vaping in a vape shop makes it more difficult for people who smoke to switch to a far less harmful alternative. It is completely unacceptable to reduce the odds of people who smoke switching to vaping.The indoor ban will once again come before the full council for consideration on Wednesday, May 15th. We strongly urge all consumers who depend on Appleton vape shops to attend this meeting and tell your story. If you cannot attend the meeting, please use this Call to Action to call or email the council members. There will also be a written petition available for consumers to sign at local vape shops.

IN THE NEWS: Now that Walmart has joined the Tobacco 21 frenzy w/ Walgreens, Rite Aid & CVS, non-tobacco flavored vapor products will only be sold beside cigarettes as safer alternatives at gas stations, kiosks, mom & pop corner stores & some tobacco shops.

Walmart raises tobacco purchase age to 21 and discontinues sweet flavored vaping products | Retail | Dallas News

WASHINGTON: (UPDATE) Late-night voting resulted in lawmakers passing a 27¢/mL sin tax on closed vapor products (less than $1 on a 4-pack of pods) and a 9¢/mL tax on open system vapor products ($5.40 on a 60 mL bottle.) Shops push for amendment or veto.

Vape Stores Face Closure After Washington Passes New Sin Tax on Vapor Products

ARIZONA: (HEADS UP!) The state Senate has passed a bill which would treat low risk vapor products that help adults who smoke quit the same as combustible cigarettes.

Senate votes 29-0 to put vaping devices under state’s tobacco rules

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA: Lawmakers want to ban ALL tobacco sales in the city (including very low risk vapor & smoke-free products) to everyone except wealthy cigar smokers and rich hotel guests.

ARKANSAS: (UPDATE) Lawmakers pass law DENYING some ADULTS who smoke access to far SAFER smoke-free products, in spite of fact that such laws have reportedly failed to make an impact on teen vaping in other states.